E Cigarette Brands List

Like any potential purchase, buying a e cigarette has several important considerations to ensure that you get the best model for you needs and that you get something that is function and reliable. Perhaps one of the best ways to make sure you get a good quality device is to go with one of the many excellent established e cigarette brands out there on the market. Doing so will likely mean you will get a quality product from a reputable company and you will also be able to fully check and verify the companies’ claims and guarantees for their e cigarette brands. If you’re looking for a place to begin your search, Vape AUS has provided a list of excellent brands below.

You might pay a bit more for a good quality e cigarette brand, but it will be worth it in terms of quality, performance and reliability. Also, the best companies will likely provide decent warranty cover for their product. Let’s take a closer look at some of the main e cigarette brands on the market at the moment.


Vaporfi has very rapidly established itself among the e-cigarette heavyweights, having come from pretty-well obscurity only recently. Vaporfi is owned by the same company that owns both South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke, but Vaporfi is an entirely different entity in its own right, having produced some excellent starter kits, as well as 8 different e-cig models. They have everything from the original “cig-a-like” model to an incredible, large mod that really does resemble a prop from a sci-fi film. They also have an extensive e-liquid collection, even offering customers the chance to mix existing flavors to create their own, new ones. Vaporfi is truly great for experienced vapors, but new users could take a look too.

Apollo E-Cigs & Vape

Apollo has a range of e-cigarettes that are suitable for all, from e-cig virgins to those who are much more advanced. Among Apollo’s advantages is the fact that it offers an eGo-type battery, which sets the brand apart from the others. The eGo battery is perfect for vapers that require extra vapor and a longer battery life than can be typically found on most cig-a-like brands. You can also use tanks which can be filled with e-liquid and, of course, liquid from any provider, which does not limit you to Apollo’s e-liquid range, which is great for variety’s sake. They offer 5 starter kits, which cater for all level of user.

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke customers often talk about the quality of the products’ designs, and one of their most popular e-cigs, the Air, gets excellent props for both design and performance. As with many of the top e cigarette brands, many users really rate the vapor production of their products, and also, users do not need to take any preliminary drags in order to facilitate vapor flow. As with most of the top e cigarette brands, they offer a wide range of e-cig devices to suit all user requirements.


This e cigarette brand has been at the top of the e-cig tree for a few years now, and has an excellent rep. One of the reasons for their trustworthiness is the fact that they were the one of the first to home manufacture their own e-liquid, which meant that user could trust a homegrown product, rather than relying on foreign imports, some of which had question marks over safety and manufacturing processes. They also have an excellent reputation as far as e-liquids are concerned, with a good range and quality of juices. Check out HaloCigs Review.


This e cigarette brand is based in the United Kingdom, and gets good review for vapor production as well as the fact that no primer drags are needed to start vapor production. Just start vaping straight away! You get a choice of manual or automatic battery and there is an extremely wide range of accessories available. Battery life is also good, and is reckoned to last up to 6 months, at least. All in all, good products and good value. Read more about JACVapour.


This e cigarette brand established itself in Hawaii, and has a really good reputation for both innovation and high quality. Devices and their packaging are extremely stylish, and devices offer good vapor production. Users of some devices did comment that the throat hit was not always optimal, but these comments are generally from more experienced vapers looking for a more intense experience. The company has a range of devices for different vaping requirements.

V2Cigs (V2)

This company has some cutting-edge devices this year and this is reflected in the Pro Series 3 range. The device itself is powerful and offers the user a range of easy-fill cartridge choices. The quality is rated as excellent, and there is also a very useful LED feature that will flash red while the device is charging and changes to constant green when the device is charge. This clearly lets you know when the e-cig is fully charged and ready to go-no more clockwatching or guesswork!