Best E-Liquid in AU 2017

Eliquid, which is also called ejuice, is a mixture of both natural and artificial flavours, sugar, nicotine (or not) and additional compounds, whether chemical or organic. The liquid itself is what vapers put into their e-cigarette, which is then heated and aerosolized when the user inhales the eliquid. Eliquid comes in a wide range of flavours, which gives users the opportunity to personalize and tailor their vaping experience by varying the flavours they use and the strength of the nicotine content in the eliquid, if they choose to have nicotine at all. Vape Australia has listed below those companies we believe excel in the production and mixing of quality vape juice.Continue reading

Getting the Best ELiquid Blend

Eliquid comprises, in part, Propylene Glycol (PG) and/or Vegetable Glycol (VG). Companies use one or both of these and mix with nicotine in order to create an eliquid blend. The amount of each liquid used will result in a different vaping experience for the user, so how much of each should be added and what does this depend on?

  • Desired nicotine strength-this will play a part in decided just how much you’ll want to use of the other liquids. If less nicotine juice goes into the mix, then you’ll have more of the other liquids, and vice-versa.
  • Desired “throat hit”-If you are looking for an experience that recreates that smoking feel that gets you right in the throat, you will want a blend with more propylene glycol, given its noted throat hit enhancing qualities. For such an experience, you might be looking at a 70:30 PG-VG mix. You’ll also likely get a bolder flavour with this blend, and perhaps an 80:20 ratio yields and even better effect. If you are allergic to PG or simply want no-or a lessened throat hit, then look to a VG and nicotine blend or at least a blend that doesn’t include PG. This will be a smoother vape, but some feel that the flavour is lessened by doing this.

Once you have your ideal ratio, you can work on creating your unique blend, or there are plenty of commercial, per-mixed blends to choose from.

Of course, many different flavours are available and the strengths of these can range from subtle to strong for each category of flavour. The same flavour will also taste subtly different depending on which company has produced it, which also can be enjoyable-or frustrating-for users to experiment with. There are a number of excellent brands out there, including American companies such as Halocigs and Apollo E-Cigarettes, who are renowned for the variety and quality of their eliquid products.

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Best E-liquid Tips

For those who are new to the whole vaping thing, starter flavours are probably the way to go. These reproduce the conventional smoking experience with such flavours as mint, tobacco and menthol. Some new vapers find that such well-known and recognizable flavours help them when they are looking to quit and switch entirely from smoking cigarettes to vaping. When the user is ready, they can lower the nicotine level when they change from the starter flavours to sweeter options, and keep doing so until they have weaned themselves off nicotine, if this is the end goal.

More experienced users can choose to experiment more with available blends and flavours and intensifiers to result in more vape volume and stronger flavours. Intensifiers (intensifying liquids) are special juices that can be added to give the vaper a more intense experience and could result in greater vape volume. These are definitely only for experiences users, though, as such liquids should be used with caution and are not designed to be used with any device. In addition, it is often not advisable to use intensifiers in plastic e-cig devices, as the extra heat can result in the device malfunctioning.


Best E-Liquid Costs

Of course, the price of elquids will be different, depending on where and from which company you buy them. Look for discounts and special offer, where sellers will advertise small sample sizes, say 5-10ml for around $2-3. Look also at whether or not the delivery cost if factored into the product price, or if there is free delivery. Plenty of companies sell eliquids in 30ml bottles for roughly $15. You might initially feel that this is expensive, but it has been the experience of many users that, in the long term, compared to smoking traditional cigarettes, they actually save money.

To find the best eliquid experience for you, shop around and try different companies’ eliquids and blends, and when you have more experience, try blending your own, as this will help you to customize and get closer to your perfect, best eliquid blend.