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Dear Vapors, Vape Australia are sorry to report that we have received negative feedback from customers regarding this company. We strongly recommend against purchasing this brand. Please consider the other recommended Australian vaping companies suggested on this site.

Halocigs has for several years now been one of the leading figures in the e-cigarette world and they were among the first of the leading brands to make their own home-made e-liquid, which put them ahead of many of their competitors who were still importing their e-liquids from China, where quality control remained a big problem.

Halocigs, no longer simply producing cig-a-like devices, is now fully launched into the age of powerful batteries with a long life and refillable tanks, such as can be seen and experienced in their well-known Triton Tank system, which is what has helped them to rank constantly among with top global e-cigarette brands.

HaloCigs E-Liquid & E-juice

HaloCigs E-Liquid Flavors

Halocigs has a deserved excellent reputation in the industry where e-liquids are concerned, producing 22 different flavours, all of which rate extremely highly, from the fruity Tiki Juice and Malibu to the menthol flavour of Sub-Zero. Frankly, all are worth a try at some point. Simply make your choice and start filling the tank!

Halo-Cigs Vapor production

The model creates simply massive voltage and this gives the user a huge amount of vapour, which will last for days and days. The Triton is definitely the model for you if you are a fan of creating giant clouds of vapour.

Ease of Use

Very ease and no fuss, especially the Triton, which you need simply charge, fill and then vape to your heart’s content.

Halocigs Kit

Battery & Charging

This is another definitely plus of the Halocigs Triton-the battery life is considerable longer that that of batteries in cig-a-like devices-including the G6. Of course, battery life will depend on usage, but it’s more than possible to go for an entire day (and possibly a little more) on only a single charge.


The website has a good range of accessories for each model, including drip tips, carry cases, and even necklaces in different fabrics, including hemp.

HaloCigs Starter Kits

Halocigs make two starkly contrasting starter kits, their older-type device, the G6 Starter Kit, which is more of a cig-a-like model, only with small refillable tanks. This is a very welcome upgrade for many users and retails for around $45, generally performing on a par with the other leading e-cig brands’ comparable models. For the outlay, the users gets 5 cartomizers, a wall charger and a USB adapter, 2 batteries, and a Halo case.

Their other starter kit is the Triton Tank System Starter Kit, which is considered Halocigs’ flagship model. In general, this kit simply outperforms models with mini tanks and smaller batteries in terms of both vapour production and flavour, making it extremely popular with both experienced vapers and newbies alike. You can select both the size and colour of battery you would like and, in addition, you can choose between an automatic or manual battery. You can also, naturally, select the flavour of e-liquid you’d like included in the kit. Halo has also included mini-refillable tanks to the G6 line and this serves the user well by combining the compactness and power of the Triton. The G6 model is also around $20 cheaper than the Triton, although, e-cigarette aficionados tend to reckon that that extra $20 is well worth it for the Triton, if you can stretch to it.

As mentioned, Halo’s Triton Tank System is very much the company’s flagship product, as has one of the very best total arrangements out there, making it perfect for anyone who is thinking about trading in traditional tobacco cigarettes for an e-cig. The Triton starter kit comes in at just below $65, for which you get a charging kit, two crystal clear tanks, an iridescence cone, which keeps the tank covered and helps with the aesthetics by matching your battery. Speaking of batteries, you get two manual Triton batteries in the colour of your choosing, and this makes the price a really good deal for a two-battery kit, especially when you consider the high quality of Triton batteries.

Halo Cigs Prices

  • G6 Starter Kit: $44.99
  • Triton Tank System: $54.99

Design and Packaging

The Halo Triton Tank System Starter Kit is both rather unusual and very sophisticated in the world of e-cigarette starter kits, coming as it does in a very elegant leather case, which is just perfect for transporting your device to wherever it is you need to go.

Shipping & Warranty

There’s free shipping on orders over $75 to be shipped within the US via USPS, with Delivery Confirmation. The company states that international deliveries are typically delivered in 6-10 days via Priority International Mail and in 3-5 days if shipped via Express Mail International. Courier and expedited options are available also. “Consumable hardware”, including cartridges, cartomizers and atomizers, are not refunded except in circumstances where they are proven to be faulty. In this instance, they can be returned for a full exchange or refund within 30 days of buying. In cases of “additional hardware”, you may return your purchase if you are unsatisfied within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange.


Halocigs is an excellent brand and deservedly one of the very best on the market. The Triton starter kit is excellent value, coming with 2 batteries and the quality and amount of vapour production will be certain to satisfy all who try it. Frankly, it’s a delight to whip it out of that classy leather case, which always gets commented on. The G6 is frankly excellent for complete newbie to the world of e-cigarettes but, if you think you will be in it for the long haul, then seriously consider splashing the extra $20 for the Triton-you won’t be disappointed!