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Based in the United States, MigVapor is quickly expanding their brand from the standard e-cigarette to many high quality vaporizers and vaping accessories. MigVapor designed all of their products around a powerful battery in order to create a hassle-free vaping experience to convert former smokers—like themselves! Here, we’ll briefly delve into some of the aspects of the MigVapor brand.


Mig Vapor E-Liquid Flavors

MigVapor offers a wide and varied selection of e-liquids: from variations on the traditional tobacco to exotic fruits and warm, delicious pastries. All their e-liquids, we found to be of superb quality, resulting in flavorful and rich clouds of white vapor.

Their e-liquids come in various sizes, ranging from 15 mL all the way to 120 mL. This is only the beginning of your ability to customize your e-liquid. You are also free to choose your level of nicotine: anywhere from 0% to 2.6%. You can even choose your VG/PG ratio. A higher VG, vegetable glycerin, will result in a fuller, denser vape cloud. A higher PG, propylene glycol, will result in a harsher vapor if you’re searching for a back of the throat hit like many former smokers. MigVapor e-liquids begin at 50/50 and you can customize from there to suit your taste.

Finally, if you’ve scoured their selection of e-liquids and still haven’t found the right flavor for you…why not make your own? MigVapor allows customers to choose up to five flavors to blend into a single bottle in their “create-your-own” e-juice bar. So be creative and be bold!

MigVapor Vapor Production

Vapor production in MigVapor’s devices is completely customizable, allowing the customer to choose varying volts and ohms for the perfect vape cloud. If you’re looking for a dense, white vapor to blow smoke rings, choose a lower ohm (perhaps MigVapor’s sub-ohm model) to get started. Their products also allow for single increment degree manipulation to create a harsher or more mellow vapor.

Overall, MigVapor’s products create a smooth and pleasant vapor that is not too harsh, but not evanescent either. All vapors we tested were full-flavored and satisfying.

Mig Vapour Vaporizers

Ease of Use

To beginners, vaping can appear complicated. There are different batteries, different mods, different models…the combinations are endless.
MigVapor was begun by former smokers, so they took into account the fact that people want a device that is uncomplicated. Thus, they created devices with quick heat-up times to provide instant gratification, long battery lives, and e-cigarettes with push-button activation. Their website provides instruction videos for more complicated devices, but most are fairly intuitive. Overall, their products are designed to be easy to use, even to newcomers.

Mig Vapour E-juice Combinations

Battery & Charging

MigVapor devices pack a powerful battery, boasting up to 1300 mAh (milliampere hour) on their battery replacements. This means you can expect 1300-1500 puffs out of a single charge. Depending on your personal use, that’s a few days between overnight charges, allowing for wonderful portability and ease-of-use. Moreover, the standard voltage on the vaporizers is about 4.2, but modifications can be purchased for up to 4.8 volts. A higher voltage ultimately means a higher heat for that “back of the throat” burn, while lower volts mean a smoother, delicate vapor. This is another way MigVapor allows for personalization.

MigVapor products are usually sold with USB charging cords, but other forms can be purchased (for example, they also stock car-chargers and wall-adapters) so the customer can choose whatever is most convenient for them.

Mig-Vapor Accessories

Everything you could want or need for your vaporizer or e-cig is found in their vape accessories tab on the MigVapor website. Here, you can purchase lanyards, carrying cases, attachable dry-herb tanks, bands, refillable cartridges for e-cigs, extended mouthpieces, silicon mouthpiece covers for cleanliness, coil replacements, drip tips, chargers…the list is endless.

Mig Vapor Starter Kits

Customers can choose between different starter kits, depending on their level of experience or personal preference. MigVapor begins with the e-cig starters, which include the device, refillable cartridges, carrying cases, lanyards, and chargers. Kits will vary on the amount of product (the deluxe kit includes enough for two people to enjoy).

Next, MigVapor offers vape pen kits. These include MigVapor’s most basic vape pen, designed for discretion and usability. These include the device, charger, 30mL e-liquid of your choosing, carrying case, and extra clear fusion tank.

Finally, MigVapor offers a line of advanced vaping kits. These are more specialized pens with multiple battery and tank variations to fine tune your experience. These include the device, 30mL e-liquid of your choice, chargers, carrying cases, as well as extra coils and meshes.

There is a kit for every level of enthusiast, whether you’re trying e-cigs for the first time or are looking for a basic model to start modding.

Mig Vapour E-Cigarettes


The prices at MigVapor are reasonable. The standard e-cig starter kit will set you back about $40 USD, while more advanced kits will run about $150 USD. Again, these are kit prices, so the total includes all the basic accessories. The devices can be purchased by themselves for a lower price.
E-liquids begin at $10 USD for a 15mL bottle; however, this amount of liquid will last about 2 or 3 weeks depending on your personal use. For the quality of the product, their prices are competitive in a market where it is difficult to find the same level of quality for under $100 USD.

Design and Packaging

MigVapor offers their products in different colors: crisp black or white for a subtle approach, bold red or green for the more outgoing. Their devices are sleek and attractive, tending toward minimalism and favoring glass tanks for a designer look. Their packaging is compact and well designed, in MigVapor’s signature green and white color combination.

Mig Vapour E-liquid Flavors

Shipping & Warranty

Based in the United States, MigVapor ships nationally and internationally. Shipping to Australia will take longer—about 7 to 30 days. They do offer free shipping on orders exceeding $75 USD.


Overall, MigVapor comes highly recommended. They pride themselves on producing quality vaporizers and vaping accessories. They shine when it comes to their e-liquids and level of product customization.

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