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For those who have done any preliminary reading and web research on e-cigarettes, it’s more than likely that V2Cigs will already be a familiar name. There is certainly plenty of online buzz surrounding their company and products, which all looks very impressive to those new to the e-cigs marketplace. But, how much of this is hype and how much is worth really taking note of?

First impressions are generally good-with a really big, robust, flip-top box. The whole package reminded me of the computer I got for Christmas as a kid. It’s clear that V2 focuses a lot of attention on presentation and design, although nothing comes across as flashy, and this is a good thing. You get the impression of study, well-designed products.

V2 Cigs Flavor Samples

V2Cigs E-Liquid Flavors

Of course, this is a completely subjective experience, but one thing is for sure: V2 certainly has a very wide selection, so it’s likely that you’ll find something to your (ahem) taste. You can choose from the obvious (Red Tobacco, Menthol) to more esoteric tastes, including coffee, cola and vanilla. Most new users will likely start will the pre-filled cartridges, and V2 does a sample pack of a range of flavors, which is a great way to help you make up your mind. All of the flavors, tobacco and non-tobacco deliver a satisfying vapor volume and taste as described. Of course, your mileage will vary, according to your own palate.

V2 Cigs Vapor production

Vapor production certainly didn’t disappoint, especially with the KR808 battery. These batteries have a long cut-off time, which ensure that for each puff, you get a really good fill of vapor, and this despite the fact that the majority of V2’s e-juices are a PG-heavy blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. All of this point to an extremely satisfying vapor production and although it can’t beat a larger, more multifaceted vaporizer, it’s very satisfying for those of us who are looking to replace smoking and feel that we’re getting a like-for-like experience.

V2Cigs Personal Vaporizer Production

Ease of Use

Generally, very good indeed. A couple of points that really aid the user are the fact that V2Cig batteries are regulated at 4.2 volts and not the usual 3.7 volts. As a result, you will experience much more-and much hotter-vapor. In addition, the 380mAh battery has a pretty sensitive power switch, which started the device with even a light draw, although was not so sensitive that it was affected by external factors, such as wind.

Battery & Charging

In general, battery performance with V2 is very good. Of the batteries they typically supply with cigs and kits, the KR808 is, obviously, excellent. The 150mAh battery was also a very pleasant surprise, taking into account how small it is. It’s also a manual battery and these usually require more frequent recharging, but this one yielded in excess of 4 hours’ vaping time, which was a very pleasant surprise.

Perhaps the stand out, though is the 380mAh, which, despite its relative size, still comes in smaller than, say, the Halo Ultra Tank. If you are a seriously heavy user, you will most likely require 2 of these batteries, although 1 is typically enough for many users. In general, battery responsiveness is excellent, whether auto or manual. Perhaps the only disadvantage is the £15 price tag for replacements. Charging is fine, too. Simply charge them up in the evening and they’ll be ready to carry you through the next day.

V2Cigs Accessories

There’s a good range to choose from, with usual batteries and really cool carry cases, plus stylish lanyards, car adapters and portable charging cases.

V2Cigs E-Cigaretes Starter

V2Cigs Starter Kits

First up, comes the Economy Kit, and in this you receive 10 cartridges, a battery and a charger. For a little more outlay, you can upgrade to the Standard kit, which will give you everything in the Economy, plus another battery.

The next is a nice touch from V2 for vapers who like to do things in pairs. The Couples Kit delivers two kits so that you can share with a friend or a partner, and save more than £10 on the cost of buying 2 kits instead.

For those who are always mobile, the Travellers Kit is a good choice, coming with a notebook e-cig, a portable charging case (with all of the regular chargers) and 15 cartridges.

Finally, if you are looking for a more deluxe experience, you could go for the Ultimate Kit, which will deliver more than enough to keep you vaping for a couple of months of truly ultimate vaping.


  • Economy kit: £39.97
  • Standard Kit : £54.97
  • Couples Kit: £89.97
  • Travelers’ Kit: £99
  • Ultimate Kit: £124.97

Design and Packaging

It’s always good for customers when a company clearly stands behind its products and this is what you get with V2: On their Starter Kits, you get a 14-day “no quibble” money-back guarantee. In order to qualify, your e-cigarette should be returned in “as-new” condition and you should have used no more than 2 cartomizers. This is a fantastic way for new customers to sample V2 Cigs on a risk-free basis and is a great selling point. Shipping is generally quick and trouble-free.

V2Cigs E Cigarette Metal Carry Case

Shipping & Warranty

V2.com offers arrange of different warranties, including 1-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty. They offer free shipping on US orders totaling more than $30. Free USPS tracking and delivery confirmation is also offered and for international customers, USPS Priority Mail starts at $19.95, and delivery estimates are between 6-10 days.


Some of the flavors might not be to everyone’s tastes, but V2Cigs have a great range of flavors, and produce great vapor from excellent battery life. A good choice for newbies, with the sample packs, and experienced users alike.

Start Vaping with V2 Cigs