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Electric cigars are a relatively new addition to the vaping world, and good e-cigars very closely resemble the real thing in both look and feel. One crucial difference is that the e-device will not produce that awful (if you’re a non-smoker) room-filling stench, so sophisticated types everywhere can enjoy a puff and an after dinner brandy without banishing all of the oxygen from the room! There are very few e-cigars on the market right now, but Vape Australia is getting in on the ground floor and providing you with what you’ll need to know if ever you decide to purchase an e-cigar.

In terms of looking and feeling realistic as compared to real, traditional cigars, the very top-end design, from companies such as epuffers, look identical-even from a relatively short distance away. In fact, it’s only the absence of ash and smoke emissions that reveals the true nature of their identity.

Often e-cigars will also have an LED tip, which might be partly concealed behind a screen, to mimic the glowing tip and ash of a traditional cigar. So it’s possible at last to enjoy the taste and feel of a cigar without polluting all around you. This is, of course, one of the main benefits of the e-cigar over the traditional type, as well as the obvious health considerations. So, what are some of the other considerations that go into choosing the best type of e-cigar for you?

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Type & Design of Best Electronic Cigar

You have a few different “type” choice when looking to select the best e-cigar for you. The disposable type is probably the most popular with many vapers, as it is the most convenient form. These e-cigar are also pretty cheap and tend to last a long time (some as many as 2,000 puffs), so this is often more than enough for many vapers. However, you can also buy models with rechargeable batteries and replaceable cartridges, which is great for longer-term vapers and those looking for variety in their flavors and/or nicotine amounts. There is also a wide range of starter kits available, and these often represent really good value for money and give you immediate access to a range of different e-juice flavors as well. Epuffer
Especially has a great range of e-cigars that give excellent performance and yield great vapor production.

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Electric Cigar performance

This is going to be an important consideration. After all, who on Earth wants to pay good money for a device that simply isn’t up to snuff? There are three main factors to consider in this regard. They are:

  • Device’s battery life: This is especially crucial if you tend to use your device a lot, since you won’t want to get caught short. In general terms, the larger the battery, to more powerful and longer the battery life.
  • Throat hit: This is that warm feeling you experience at the back of the throat when you inhale on your device. The more powerful the hit, the closer the e-cigar reproduces the experience of a real cigar. Newer users might want to go for less of a throat hit, as powerful hits might be too intense at first.
  • Vapor production: This is the amount of vapor the device produces every time you inhale. Again, it is likely to be a more important consideration for heavier users, although, all vapers want decent if not heavy vapor production for a satisfying vaping experience.

With the exception of battery life, these factors can’t be empirically measured, with vapor production and throat hit being greatly influenced by the e-juice you’re using. To this end, read reviews carefully and select you e-juice according. Again, epuffer has a great range of ejuice, which I’ve found produces a really satisfying among of vapor. I am not an especially heavy user, though, so your mileage may vary and you might want a higher of powerful vapor production, depending on your level of use and experiences. As far as batteries are concerned, bear in mind that e-cigar manufacturers often tend to somewhat exaggerate the battery life of their products, so again, read impartial reviews and do your research according to you likely level of use and needs. Remember also that, typically, a larger battery will have a longer life per charge.

Another point to consider with e-liquids is to buy a device which allows you to use other e-liquids and cartridges from different manufacturers, as this will naturally afford you more choice, which will stop you from getting bored of having the same taste all the time.

eCigar Cost Considerations

This will, again, depend largely on what you’re looking for and what type of user you are likely to be. Are you long or short term? A heavy or light user? Regular or just recreational? If you are likely to be a more serious, long-term user, then I would recommend not skimping on cost. A decent rechargeable device or starter kit will get you off and running nicely, and if your e-cigar device gives other options, such as mixing and matching carts and e-juice, then so much the better, as you can often bulk-buy and save even more money and have a much greater choice and variety of flavors, which will help when things begin to get a bit stale.

Quality of the Electronic Cigar

Look at the reputation and reviews of any brand you are thinking of buying. How long has the company been operating? What kind of reviews does it get, on both the company’s own site and independent, external ones? Are there a lot of happy, repeat customers? Check out the e-mail Q&As as well. I have found that this can be useful for newer companies, which, although with fewer reviews, can also offer excellent service and product quality. Fire them a quick e-mail with a couple of questions and see how long it takes them to get back to you and gauge whether or not you are happy with the response. If they fail to respond, give them a miss, as either their customer service might be poor or maybe they’re not operating as a company any more.
With most companies, a 30-day warranty is the absolute minimum you can expect, so read the terms of the warranty carefully before you buy.

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