Best AU Vaporizer 2017

Choosing the best vaporizer for your needs from the myriad of choices available will depend on the price you are looking to pay for your device and what exactly you are looking for in terms of use, functionality, and practicality. Your choices include basic vaporizers, from the hand-held variety to fully automated models, which will set you back much more. The range can appear quite daunting at first.

As you can see, the term “best vaporizer” isn’t so much a cut and dried thing; it will all come down to your own personal needs, depending largely on the price and features available for the various vaporizers you are looking at.

If you are constantly on the go, then a portable device is the best vaporizer for you, and it will also be a cheaper option, too. However, it is unlikely to be as long-lasting or durable as a more expensive device. On the other hand, you might discover that if you purchase a more expensive device, it may be too involved and complicated.

So, what should you consider in order to purchase the best vaporizer for your needs. In addition, what are your options? Vape AU has answered this question and more below. Continue reading.

Vape Pen Mod

A vape pen mod is basically a vape pen, only much more highly powered. These are much bigger than vape pens and give users much more functionality and power, thanks in part to their much larger battery. If you are seeking increased vape times, more vapour, and a deeper throat hit, a vape pen mod might well best the best vaporizer for you. You can regulate your vape pen mod by using different battery sizes, different sized heating coils, and different wicks. Clearly, the experienced user looking for more control over his or her vaping experience will find a vape pen mod one of his or her best vaporizer choices, although some feel that the lack of portability is a drawback, as these devices are much bulkier than regular vape pens.

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Pen Vaporizers

Pen vaporizers are very popular due to their portability, discreet nature, and simple functionality. They work in basically the same way as an electronic cigarette, the difference being that they allow you to personalise by adding waxes, oils, e-liquids, and dry blends. They tend to look much like a fountain pen and are readily available. The best vaporizer pen should be discreet and portable to ensure that you get the best out of its intended design. What’s the point of going for such a model otherwise? Also make sure that the model you buy has a lithium ion battery, as these are typically long-lasting.

Portable Electric Option

As the name implies, these vaporizes are small and simple to use and are very handy for those who want discreet usage of their vaporizer. They have an electric heat source—usually controllable—which adds to the user-friendliness. The majority need either AA batteries to power them, or else they can be recharged from a mains power point.

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Electric Stationary Vapes/Box Vapes

This is your best choice of vaporizer if you plan to use it more within your home, as such devices are not portable. On the plus side, however, they give the user a lot of control, letting him or her set an exact temperature. Moreover, these devices also have rapid heating elements and timers. As this type of vaporizer is a good deal bigger than the portable type, it will need mains power, although it will last longer and obviously give you much more choice and control over your vaping. It will, naturally, also cost much more.


This is a crucial consideration if you are planning to vape for an extended period of time. You will definitely want a vaporizer to last and be resilient, and because vaporizers have been around for quite a while now, users have had enough time to ascertain which are the most reputable and offer the best quality. Look for trustworthy brands, such as Vaper Empire and VaperFi, and check reviews of their specific devices. Such renowned brands are much more likely to produce high quality vaporizers that will last and give excellent results.

Check Warranty

In general, reliable products come with a warranty, and most reputable brands, including Vaper Empire and Volvano, offer warranties on their newly purchased products. A warranty is especially important if you plan to buy a vaporizer at the more expensive end of the market. Check the fine print of the warranty you are offered, as terms and conditions vary according to the type of problems covered. Some brands even offer lifetime guarantees.

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Getting Acquainted

Before you buy, think about whether you will be able to effectively use the vaporizer you are looking at purchasing. High-end devices can automate many of the functions, but it can take some experimenting and getting used to before you really get the most out of it.


Again, a simple hand-held device is a single-piece device that is easy to use. It requires no refilling and no recharging; you just unbox it and go. However, a larger, more complex device requires that you consider various settings, e-liquids, mixes, etc. Consider your needs and requirements before buying.

What It’s Made Of

This is an important consideration, especially if you are one of the many vapers looking to switch from tobacco cigarettes for health reasons. If your vaporizer is unregulated and made from cheap materials, these materials could potentially leech toxins into your e-liquid when it is heated, which then gets into the vapour, which you subsequently inhale. Therefore, beware of places like Ebay, where sellers might not list the materials used and may not be RoHS conforming, either. Materials that are RoHS compliant will not have any effect on your vapour when it is heated.

Using Your Vaporizer

Where are you most likely to use your device? Are you going to use it exclusively in private at home? If this is the case, then you could consider a larger device, especially if you plan on longer-term usage. If you’re looking to use it more on the go, then a portable vaporizer is your best option. These can be especially good if you need to use them only for work breaks and the like in order to help you quit smoking.