The Best Electronic Pipes (E-Pipes) Guide for 2017

Epipes, also commonly known as vape pipes and electronic/electric pipes, are simply the electronic counterpart of a conventional tobacco pipe. With an epipe, the user can get his or her nicotine hit directly via the pipe, without smoke, flame, or loose tobacco. The vape pipe simply vaporizers the nicotine in the liquid which the pipe vaporizes, thereby producing the vapor which the user can then ‘smoke’, only without the smoke! If you’ve read Vape Australia’s guide to how e-cigs operate, you already know how e-pipes work as well—only the outward appearance is altered. Ecigars have become hugely popular, with people looking to quit smoking conventional pipes, just as e-cigarettes have become extraordinarily popular among those looking for alternatives to the established means of quitting, such as nicotine gum and patches.

Epipes basically sprang up as a mod from established e-cigs. They were the result of efforts by pioneering vapers who sought to replicate the production of the established e-cig into the classic, aesthetically pleasing, and ergonomic form of the smoking pipe. Epipes and their designs have evolved to the point where the very best look exactly like the classic traditional pipe your granddad might have smoked, complete with genuine wood body. Among the best designs are those by Epuffer, whose epipes both look and feel authentic and who provides a range of ejuice that tastes just like the real deal as well. Other devices, as well as some in the epuffer range, come in cheaper, yet durable and functional plastic form.

ePuffer e-pipe

How Do Electric Pipes Work?

Epipes work the same way e-cigs do—by vaporising a liquefied form of nicotine, called ejuice. Ejuice can also come without nicotine and in a wide range of different flavors. Those who do select an ejuice with nicotine will experience a flavorful nicotine hit without the smell and roughness, as well as other potential problems, caused by a traditional pipe. Once the vaper has filled the cartridge with ejuice, and activated the epipe, he or she can then inhale the vaporizer juice, which will deliver nicotine into the bloodstream. Users can, of course, also choose non-nicotine flavors if they wish. The vapor from the pipe is exhaled, and within of few seconds of being exhaled by the vaper, it disappears harmlessly into the air.

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Why Change to an Electronic Pipe?

In general, the advent of electronic smoking devices has well and truly altered the smoking landscape across the globe, as well as the quit smoking industry. Due to the fact that epipes do not emit smoke when in use (there is only an emission of water vapor), they can be taken to and used in a wide range of public places which no longer permit smoking. In addition, the ejuice ranges do not have the same tar or carcinogens as regular tobacco smoke, and, as yet, there is no strong evidence that e-devices are harmful. E-pipes also lend one a certain air of distinction and old-world class. Think gentleman’s (or woman’s) smoking room, only without the all-encompassing noxious cloud which ends up lingering over the entire room! You get the strength of vapor and the exclusivity and distinction of a pipe, but without that horrible smoke cloud.

E-Pipe Benefits

  • They can be smoked pretty much anywhere, including public places. (Although, be sure to check your local rules and regulations.)
  • They come with rechargeable batteries, which, along with refillable cartomizers, makes them much cheaper than traditional pipes.
  • They come with all the taste of regular tobacco, without actual carcinogenic and smelly tobacco.
  • Zero combustion equals zero carbon monoxide.
  • They’re practically odorless, which means that you don’t ever have to suffer from smelly clothes ever again, nor will you be offensive to others. Also, you won’t stain your teeth and fingers or cause damage to your skin.
  • They’re easy to use and portable, requiring no matches or lighter or any other accouterments of traditional pipes. No annoying ash deposits to dispose of either.

Buying Your Electric Pipe

You have a range of options when you’re ready to buy an e-pipe. You can go to a traditional bricks-and-mortar store, which could well be useful if you’re something of a novice and want to ask some questions and get a little more first-hand advice before deciding on your purchase. On the other hand, many specialist website vendors have good e-support and are happy to answer potential customers’ queries via e-mail.

It may be a good idea to go with an e-pipe starter kit, as this will give you all of the equipment you need to get vaping straight away. You will also likely get a range of flavors with your kit, which will give you a good introduction as to what’s available as well as the chance to hone your preferences without wasting money on individual 30ml bottles of ejuice. Probably the best examples I found were at Epuffer, which offered an excellent range of epipe starter kits. Some even come in a wooden gift box, which, along with the genuine wood epipe device, really conjures up that classic, traditional pipe-smoking image. The Epuffer 605 Starter Kit is a decent starting point, as it has a pretty good vapor production, and, as with many epuffer products, a decent range of user-friendly functions, including a manual switch, which both saves battery power and life and affords a more realistic pipe smoking experience. Also, since the cartridge is similarly disposable, you can simply replace it after use and screw on a new one, which means you don’t ever get any annoying buildup of nicotine or residue.

For more guidance, you can read the many online reviews of different epipes and starter kits. Peruse reviews from at least three different, independent websites, as well as those on manufacturer sites, to ensure you’re getting a balanced range of views.

Factors to Consider When Buying E-Pipes

  • Cost: Make sure you shop around for the best price
  • Battery life: Consider your needs and be certain the battery life matches your daily requirements. Also, consider the extras, such as car charging if you plan to use on the go.
  • Choice of flavors: Can you use other manufacturers’ flavors as well? Does your pipe manufacturer have a good range of flavors?
  • What is the vapor production like?

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