Nicotine-Free E-Cigarettes

You may have assumed that vaping was always associated with nicotine, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Vaping has nothing to do with nicotine. Nicotine is usually added to e-liquids to satisfy former smokers, but in fact, plenty of vapers don’t use nicotine at all. Vaping is meant to be a cleaner, healthier alternative to cigarettes because there is no combustion involved. So, you can enjoy the vapour hits and the thick, billowing clouds with or without the nicotine. The choice is totally up to you! If you are looking either to quit nicotine altogether or try out vaping without becoming addicted, then read on. Vape Australia has everything you need to know about nicotine-free e-cigarettes.


Who Uses Nicotine-Free E-Cigarettes?

You generally find that there are two groups of people using nicotine-free e-cigarettes. There are those who have fully made the transition from smoking to vaping and have weaned themselves off of nicotine gradually while still enjoying the overall sensation. These are individuals who started off chain vaping at 1.8mg/ml and eventually started using lower and lower concentrations of nicotine until they were no longer physically or psychologically dependent on it.

There are also those who find themselves in circles where it is socially acceptable and even encouraged to smoke. Vaping provides a healthy compromise for these individuals because they can mix and mingle without feeling the need to give in to peer pressure. Vaping itself, actually, has become popular in its own right though. You might find yourself curious about those little black boxes and the clouds of fruity-scented vapour you’ve probably encountered when walking down the street.

Do note, though, that while nicotine in and of itself isn’t necessarily detrimental to your health, you shouldn’t become dependent on it purposefully. You can happily join your peers without ever ingesting even one milligram of nicotine.

Are Nicotine-Free Electronic Cigarettes Healthier Than Regular E-Cigarettes?

Nicotine is the chemical used in cigarettes that makes them addictive. However, while you’ll smoke for the nicotine, you’ll die from the tar. The carcinogens that have given smoking its notorious reputation are released during the process of combustion. Burning tobacco leaves, cannabis, or any other dry herb really will give off noxious chemicals detrimental to your health. However, the tobacco and nicotine aren’t the real culprits here.

E-cigarettes with nicotine, therefore, are not really any healthier than e-cigarettes made without nicotine. Of course you should never choose to be physically dependent on a foreign substance, but then again, an addiction to chocolate or shopping might impact your life just as significantly. We needn’t remind you that it is perfectly legal to go on a shopping spree. Nicotine is a mild stimulant and it has negligible effects in healthy individuals. As a stimulant, it has been recorded to improve memory, concentration, and attention span during short periods of time. There’s even evidence it reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Nicotine is comparable to caffeine in the sense that, while consuming excessive amounts of caffeine will have detrimental effects on your health, a cup of coffee in the morning is perfectly reasonable. The difference between caffeine and nicotine though, is it’s far easier to limit your caffeine consumption than it is to limit your nicotine consumption.

Can Nicotine-Free E-Cigs Help Me Quit Smoking?

If you want to rid yourself of your nicotine dependency for good, then you can instead choose to gradually reduce the concentration of nicotine in your e-liquid until it’s down to zero. Nicotine is measured either as a percentage or in terms of mg/ml, but oftentimes the ml is dropped in informal writing. You can find e-liquids in 0mg/ml, 3mg/ml, 6mg/ml, 12mg/ml, 18mg/ml, and even all the way up to 36mg/ml. If you are an average pack-a-day smoker, you’ll probably want to start with 12 or 18mg/ml and adjust from there. If you find that you’d prefer to vape something like 5mg/ml, then you can always buy two bottles of the same e-liquid with different concentrations of nicotine and then blend them yourself. Then you can control exactly how much nicotine you are ingesting at any given time.

Where in Australia Can I Find Nicotine-Free E-Cigarettes?

You can find nicotine-free e-cigarettes pretty much anywhere you can find regular e-cigarettes. Most companies will sell e-juice in various concentrations, but almost all of them offer a nicotine-free e-cigarette option. On the other hand, you may find that not all strengths are available with every flavour. For instance, it’s becoming harder to find e-juice sold with 12mg/ml of nicotine. The only thing you may want to take note of is the power of your tank. If you have a sub-ohm tank, you’ll be guzzling e-juice at a much faster rate than normal, so you’ll probably want to use e-juice with less nicotine so you don’t overdo it. If you prefer a mouth-to-lungs vape with a tight draw, you may want to bump up the nicotine in your e-liquid to compensate.


We here at Vape Australia want to remind you that nicotine is totally optional when it comes to vaping. You can vape with nicotine, you can vape without nicotine, or you can vape while reducing your level of nicotine until you are no longer dependent on it. With a nicotine-free e-cigarette, you’ll probably have a smoother throat hit than you would have had otherwise. The flavour will come across clearly nonetheless, so if you’re considering vaping but want to keep away from nicotine, then fear not! Try a nicotine-free e-cigarette today!