Organica Naturals CBD Review – 2024

Organica Naturals CBD Review

As a wellness company, Organica Naturals promotes the use of natural products combined with scientific research to offer safe and effective wellness solutions. Organica Naturals utilizes independent scientific evaluation for claimed, proven results with their CBD formulas. In addition, this company’s manufacturing facility is registered with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure the quality and composition of their natural, over-the-counter products. This brand is highly rated when it comes to CBD products, and below you will find our full review as well.

First Impression

The Organica Naturals website is clear, appealing, easy to navigate, and very extensive. It contains tabs for their CBD products, including oils, capsules, concentrates, “Zero High” oils, and even CBD solutions for pets. Those customers that are new to the world of CBD products will greatly appreciate the Organica Naturals “Learning Center,” which offers a wealth of information regarding CBD, its safety, side effects, and usage, through direct and easy to understand questions and answers. The brand’s prices can appear high at first, but it’s important for customers to check the dosage of each product, which indicates that they last for a good amount of time. In addition, the products are well-packaged and of high quality.

Organica Naturals Product Overview

Organica Naturals offers pharmaceutical grade products that span the spectrum of cannabinoids, with and without THC, in the forms of oils, capsules and concentrates. These wellness solutions are appealing to a wide range of consumers, 18 years and older, looking for high quality, natural CBD medicines. We found the full-spectrum CBD products to deliver their promise of a calming effect, both as a daytime stress-reliever and nighttime sleep enhancer. In addition, these effects lasted beyond the usual 2-3 hours of other brands. The “Zero High” products also resulted in calming effects but were less strong. See the reviews for each separate product category below.

Organica Naturals CBD Oils

This brand’s products in oil form range in CBD concentration from low to high dosage. The categories representing these doses are:

  • Full-spectrum: small trace of THC (less than 0.3%)
  • Broad-spectrum: undetectable levels of THC
  • Zero High: pure CBD with no trace of THC

One of the best things about these categories of CBD oils is that the consumer can decide which level is right for them depending on their wellness needs. We appreciated the ability to personalize our experience with the CBD concentrations as well as having the option for zero high benefits without any trace of THC in the product. There is a noticeable difference in the strength of the full spectrum oil compared to the zero high.

Another element we appreciated about Organica Naturals oils is that they can be added to drinks like coffee or smoothies and infused in baked goods or other foods. This is a great benefit for those who may not like directly consuming the oil on its own. For this brand, the oils are not flavored. So we preferred adding them to a drink or food. In addition, the oils can be infused in body care products such as lotions, soaps, and moisturizers. The medicine dropper helped us measure the correct amount of each oil to add to bath products. One drawback with the oils is that because of their “raw” CBD state, the company does not recommend using them for vaping.

Overall, the oils are effective in providing the calming wellness effects of CBD and they can be consumed in a variety of ways–either directly or as an infused part of body care products, foods, or drinks. We found them to be versatile in their use and an excellent method of personalizing the experience and effects of CBD. The calming effects were quick, especially for the full spectrum, and they lasted between 4 and 5 hours.

Organica Naturals CBD Capsules and Supplements

For those that don’t wish to use CBD in oil form, we can recommend Organica Naturals CBD capsules and supplements. These once-daily soft-gel capsules are an easy method of taking a CBD supplement if customers don’t want to work with incorporating CBD oils into their wellness routines. We were very happy with the way the capsule had a calm and de-stressing effect. It lasted for several hours and was very soothing.

Supplements are available at the “full-spectrum” level, meaning that there is a presence of THC (reported as less than 3% by volume) in the product. Unfortunately, the full spectrum is the only dosage level available as a capsule supplement. Therefore, if you are looking for THC-free wellness solutions, Organica Naturals recommends the broad-spectrum or zero-high CBD oils rather than their full spectrum capsule products. If you take the capsule, there is a chance that a trace of THC would show up in your system.

The capsules run from bottles of 30 soft-gels at 25 mg for $50. A larger bottle of 240 capsules costs $340. It’s a little better deal buying the capsules in bulk, but the capsules are still just over $1.00 a piece.

Organica Naturals CBD Concentrates (Distillates and Powders)

This brand also produces concentrates of CBD in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and zero high levels of dosage. These concentrates come in the form of distillates or powders. The full spectrum CBD distillate is versatile in that it can be added to vape liquids, body care products, and oils. We found the full spectrum distillates to produce a positive effect in terms of feeling calm and reducing some pain symptoms. Adding this brand to vape liquids was an especially good experience.

The broad-spectrum CBD distillate is similar in its make-up to the full spectrum, but just like the Organica Naturals oil, it contains no detectable level of THC. The broad spectrum distillate is supposed to be in between the full spectrum and zero high effects. We found this to be the case, although the effects are closer to the zero-high CBD level than the full spectrum. So it makes more sense to either purchase the full spectrum, if you are fine with a trace of THC, or the zero-high powder—which is about 10% less expensive.

This brand also offers its zero-high CBD product in the form of isolated powder. The powder has no flavor and quickly dissolves in drinks or other products. The zero-high pure powder is THC free and contains only CBD ingredients, making its effects less intense than the full and broad spectrum distillates. However, it still provides a sense of wellness when used and we appreciate the THC-free option.

Additional Organica Naturals Products

Like most CBD brands, Organica Naturals also offers additional products designed for pets. They provide what they claim to be pet-friendly CBD oil formulas, primarily for dogs and cats. However, the brand also indicates that they have oil blends for larger animals such as horses. These CBD oils for pets are intended to have calming effects for situations such as vet visits or thunderstorms, and the dosages are based on the size of the animal. We feel it’s best to consult your pet’s veterinarian before using any CBD products.

Shopping, Payment, and Shipping

The Organica Naturals website is extremely easy to navigate when it comes to shopping. They provide tabs for each form of their products as well as clear pictures, information, and pricing. There is also a live chat feature for questions and an extensive learning center tab with excellent information in question and answer form. We found the entire customer shopping experience with Organica Naturals to be straightforward, easy, and pleasant.

Organica Naturals provides an online shopping cart and takes various forms of payment. The prices for the CBD products did seem high at first, especially for the oils and concentrates. For example, the largest bottle of full-spectrum oil is 5000 mg and is hyper-concentrated. The cost for this bottle is $220, although there is an occasional buy-one-get-one deal. The pocket-size full spectrum bottle at 250 mg is just $25. However, the products last for a long time when the recommended dosage is followed, making it worth the price. There are also online coupons and special offers available for some product promotions.

This brand also offers free limited samples, especially for first-time buyers. Their “Buy with Confidence” guarantee applies to first-time customers, which is a great policy because it ensures a 60-day satisfaction period during which customers can try out single-bottle oils. If the customer isn’t happy with the CBD oil or its effects, they can send it back for a full refund. However, the refund claim request applies to just a single purchased item and the customer is responsible for the cost of return shipping. Other limitations to refunds are that they are restricted to one per customer or household per year and can’t be over a $200 amount.

Orders that are in stock ship the same business day for free (standard shipping) within the 50 United States through the US Postal Service, and tracking information is provided.

Overall Review

We would recommend Organica Naturals products overall. Their CBD brand is effective as a wellness tool in terms of being a natural dietary supplement that can reduce symptoms of pain, inflammation, anxiety, etc. The website and shopping experience with this brand are of high quality, and when it comes to providing information about CBD products for new customers, the question and answer section is extremely helpful and useful.

In addition, we were able to try out the various forms of CBD products with this brand. The oils are the most versatile as far as consumption since they can be taken directly or put in drinks or other body products, but we liked the options of the capsules and concentrates as well. Organica Naturals claims to utilize scientific principles in creating their CBD formulas, though there is no specific FDA approval for their products. However, we found the effects of this brand to be positive. They deliver on their promises for CBD wellness. The products are well-marketed, high quality, and long-lasting compared to other brands. We definitely recommend Organica Naturals products as a supplement for an overall approach to wellness.

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