What Is Vaping Anyway? Why Would Anyone Want to Do It?

why do people vape
You may have been walking down the streets of town one day only to discover, much to your amazement, a sudden whiff of strawberry shortcake or caramel macchiato. However, there wasn’t a bakery or cafe in sight. Where on earth did it come from? It seemed to have come out of nowhere, but it was strong and fragrant. Then, as soon as the smell wafted your way, it disappeared. Where are these mysterious bakeries, and why can’t we see them?!

These aren’t, as you probably figured out by now, invisible bakeries, but rather vaporisers. Vaporisers are electronic devices powered by a battery, which heats a special e-liquid flavoured like tobacco, sweets, fruit, or any special concoction you can imagine really, until it evaporates. Vapour, unlike smoke, does not contain harmful carcinogens. While it sometimes comes with nicotine, vaping is perfectly safe. Most people do pick up vaping in the hopes of quitting cigarettes, but there are lots of reasons why people vape. So, why do people vape? Here are a just a few reasons for you!

Why Do People Vape Reason #1: Quit Smoking

The majority of vapers are either current or former smokers. Vaping is the ideal way to quit smoking because vaporisers mimic traditional cigarettes. Unlike nicotine patches or nicotine gum, vaping feels and tastes almost exactly like smoking. You get the throat hit, the flavour of tobacco, and the inhale and exhale. E-cigarettes even look like traditional cigarettes, so you can get by inconspicuously. Plus, you’ll have something to hold in your hands. Many former smokers report restlessness after quitting because they were so used to having something to hold. It’s so easy, in fact, to switch from one to another, that many people forget about cigarettes altogether after just one try. E-liquids can be purchased with nicotine, so you can still get your nicotine fix. You can even purchase e-juice with different concentrations of nicotine so you can gradually wean yourself off of it altogether. Indeed, the primary reason to vape is to quit smoking. However, it is not the only reason. While the hope of a smoke-free life lures in many a vaper, most vapers choose to keep purchasing vaporisers long after they are nicotine free.

Why Do People Vape Reason #2: It’s Popular

Vaping has become incredibly trendy in the past few years, and some start vaping just because they’re curious. Who wouldn’t be curious about small boxes that give off cupcake-scented vapour? If you find yourself in communities where vaping is especially popular, like in Dublin for instance, you might choose to give it a try just so you can understand your friends when they chat about the latest mod and how many watts it can reach.

On the other hand, many pick up vaping because they happen to be friends with smokers and don’t want to feel left out. It can be hard to resist cigarettes if everyone around you is always smoking, but you shouldn’t feel the need to give in to peer pressure especially if it means sacrificing your health. A pack of e-cigarettes will allow you to blend right in with the crowd but won’t put your lungs at risk. Plus, it has become harder and harder to tell the difference between a pack of traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes even come with charging cases that look exactly like a pack of analogs. Your friends will hardly know the difference, and if your vaping bubblegum cotton candy e-liquid, they might even want to give yours a try.

Why Do People Vape Reason #3: Medicinal Purposes

You don’t only have to vape e-liquid. You can vape dry herbs like valerian root and medical marijuana as well. It is not safe to smoke marijuana for the same reason it isn’t safe to smoke tobacco. The process of combustion is always dangerous, but thankfully, there are now vaporisers that can handle dry herbs. Using convection or conduction, these devices allow you to heat your herbs without burning them. Medical marijuana has been known to help reduce seizures, ease the symptoms of Parkinson’s, and even help overcome the pain from Crohn’s disease. There are other herbs besides marijuana though that aren’t as tightly regulated. Valerian root has been used for centuries to help cure insomnia and ease anxiety. You can even vape lavender if you want to!

Why Do People Vape Reason #4: Delicious E-Liquid

When you pick up a pack of cigarettes, you’re limited to tobacco or menthol. If you’re smoking a cigar, then you might have a few more options, but all in all, you’re still fairly limited. Such is not the case with e-cigarettes. E-liquid comes in almost every flavour imaginable. If you can eat it, or even drink it, then you can vape it! Sure you can buy your standard tobacco and menthol, but you can also vape your morning cafe au lait, your 2 o’clock chocolate pick-me-up, and your happy hour fruity cocktail. Heck, you could even vape your roast beef sandwich if you really wanted to, but we don’t really recommend it. Even if you pick up your first e-cig to put down your regular cig, you might just end up sticking around because of the e-liquids. There are hundreds of e-liquids to choose from, and you can even mix and match to get exactly the blend you want. Like strawberry cheesecake? Mix strawberry and vanilla. The possibilities are endless!

Why Do People Vape Reason #5: Cloud-Chasing

You might never have imagined that vaping could be competitive, but you’d be wrong! Vaping can be cutthroat if you’re in a cloud-chasing competition. Cloud-chasing refers to a competition in which vapers attempt to blow the biggest and densest clouds possible. Armed with a sub-ohm resistance atomizer coil and pure vegetable glycerin, vapers line up to puff, puff, and blow your house down. (Oops, wrong story!) You’ll need the most powerful batteries, a super low resistance atomizer, meaning at least below 1.0Ω, and a well-built mod to compete. Do be intimidated. These are not easy competitions, and if you’re in it to win it, you better bring your A-game! Not all vape mods are created equally, and only the toughest will survive! Are you up for the battle?


So, why do people vape? There are lots of reasons for Aussies to pick up vaping! People generally vape so that they don’t have to smoke, but since vaping is so much fun, most people tend to stick around. It’s exciting to see what new mods are on the market, new firmware upgrades are available, and new drip tips and accessories are going to complement your collection. What is the highest wattage a device can reach? The lowest resistance? It’s nearly as much fun to compare new devices as it is to use them. The vaping industry is only ten years old, so there’s plenty of room to grow, and it’s good fun to see what each company comes out with next. Maybe you even have another reason to vape. We here at Vape Australia don’t care so much why people vape as much as we care about making sure people love vaping as much as we do! If vaping sounds like it might be right up your alley, then check out the other articles on our blog to read more about vaporisers, e-liquids, batteries, and the latest vaping news here in Australia!