E-Cigarette Starter Kit

If you’re looking to make the next step up from disposable e-cigarettes and want to get a little more serious about electronic cigarettes, then the next thing to consider is an electronic cigarette starter kit.

Electronic starter kits can be purchased from a range of reputable manufacturers, including V2cigs, and will always consist of a charger, an atomizer and a battery. This is exactly what you need to get vaping, although you will also require some e-liquid. Many tanks and atomizers are refillable with e-liquid, so you can experiment with a range of different flavours and nicotine strengths. For our Aussie vapers, we’ve detailed different components that you will find in an electronic cigarette starter kit.

Volcano E-cigarettes Lavatube Kit

The Battery

It’s highly likely that your first battery will be an automatic battery, especially if your device closely resembles regular tobacco cigarettes. If your electronic cigarette starter kit comes with an automatic battery, a sensor in your device will sense the air rush and trigger the battery. If you have a manual battery, you will need to press a button in order to activate the battery.

So, what are the various pros and cons of each?

Automatic battery

  • Simple to use
  • In general, it will charge much more quickly
  • The user may find that there is a time delay between puffing and inhaling

Manual battery

  • Is typically more powerful and user will get a much better throat hit are more vapour
  • Gives the user more control
  • Is larger than an automatic battery, so offers the user a much longer battery lifetime.

There are a numbers of ways you can help to lengthen the life of your battery. Make sure that your first charge is a good one, as this will help to condition the battery for a longer life. The majority of batteries are lithium ion and it is not possible to overcharge them.
Ensure also that your batteries are stored somewhere that is dark and cool, especially if you plan to store them for any length of time. Also, if you are thinking of storing a battery for a period of time, try to make sure that it is pretty well half charged at least, as this will make an allowance for a certain amount of discharge during disuse, while also seeing that there is enough power in the battery to keep alive the protection circuit. Also, charge your battery before it is fully drained. Some authorities consider that this stresses the battery less.

Remember also to make sure that you only ever charge your battery with the charger it came with, or a charging device that has been supplied specifically for use with your particular battery. The reason for this is that the voltage output can vary between different chargers.

Apollo E-cig Car Charger

The Charger

Remember, only use the charger to charge the battery it was provided with or was designed specifically for. It is not a good idea to use a modified charger. The charger that is supplied with your starter kit is what you should use, and if there is ever a problem, replace it with one of the same make and model. Some e-starter kits also provide USBs with which you can plug your e-cigarette into your computer to recharge it.

VaporFi PREMIUM Atomizer

The Atomizer

In your electronic cigarette starter kit, the atomizer is the component that heats the e-liquid in order to vapourize it, allowing you to inhale and “vape”. The atomizer is found inside the cartridge or whatever attachment holds your e-liquid and connects to the battery.

The atomizer basically works by signaling to the battery (via microchip) when the user starts puffing to send power to the atomizer. When this charge is received, it is converted by the atomizer into heat by the heating coil. The liquid is then pulled into the heating coil, which heats the liquid and provides the user with inhalable vapour.

Atomizers typically last anywhere from between two and four weeks on average, although this will differ depending on how often and for how long they are used. Generally, the user will become gradually aware when the atomizer requires replacing, as you will hear a burbling noise, which will be followed by a loss of flavour. You may also experience unexplained leaks and lessened-or no-vapour production. All are signs that you need to replace your atomizer.