Best Vape Mods in Australia 2024

If you started out with a cig-a-like device and are wondering what all of the fuss is about when it comes to more advanced e-cig devices, including vape mods and Advanced Personal Vaporizers, it might be time to considering switching up your vaping experience. If you do decide that a more advanced type of e-cig device will be the best vape choice for you, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the different types and models out there, as the vape mod world can look pretty mystifying at first, due to the vast range of choice out there. You can choose from regulated mods, such as variable wattage and variable voltage mods, and mechanical mods and each have their different plus and minus points. Examining these pros and cons can help to determine your best vape mod choice. Vape-Australia has taken done all of the research for you and we’ve provided our short list of the best vape mods below. Continue reading

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Vape Mods’ Plus Points

As you might already know, “mod” means “modification” in this instance, so, basically we are looking at a modified vape pen, or, to be more precise about what you actually get, a souped-up vape pen with massively increased power and functionality. The best vape mod will give you what you are looking for from a vape mod, namely a much-improved battery life for much longer vaping between charges, improved flavour and taste, giving you much more from your e-liquids, a more powerful throat hit, and far better vapour cloud production. More vapour and increased power are possibly the two most wanted features from the best vape mods when users look to step up from regular vape pens.
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Types: Mechanical Mods

A mechanical mod is an extremely basic form of personal vaporizer. What you have is a tube, which contains a rechargeable battery, and there is a button on the tube, which when it is pressed, sends to the atomizer an unregulated current. You will find any kind of electronics or wiring inside this type of vape mod. A mechanical mod will be the best vap mod for you if you are looking for a device that is both stylish-looking and resilient. Where most vaporizer are concerned, you are extremely reliant on the electronic parts inside, and if anything should fail, it is unlikely that most users will be able to fix it. For some, the best thing about a mechanical vape mod is that it can run low-resistance atomizers, which may not be run on any other type of vape. This, however, can be hazardous and should only be done by the most experienced vapers.

Regulated Vape Mods

These are vape pen mods that variable voltage and variable wattage. These devices contain special circuitry, unlike the mechanical (or unregulated) vape mods, which helps to protect your battery and provide safety for the user. A variable voltage device might be the best vape mod choice for you if you are looking for more choice and control of vapour production. Setting a higher or lower voltage will give you a higher or lower temperature, which will result in a different vaping experience, whichever you choose to do. Variable wattage achieves basically the same result, only in a slightly different way, for the more technically minded.

Vape mods also allow for the use of different types of atmoizers, and whichever type you choose will give you a slightly different vaping experience, so it is important to decide which will give you the best vape mod experience overall.

A Rebuildable Atomizer should best be reserved for more experience users, and it is in essence a customizable version of what you will find in a regular vape pen or e-cig. The majority of rebuildable Atomizers do not arrive readily usable, so it is important for the user to have rudimentary coil construction knowledge to use this type of atomizer with their vape mod. This is the best type for your vape mod if you want to vape socially for long periods without refilling the tank with e-liquid, as it can usually hold a much larger amount than ordinary tanks, often as much as 4ml.

There is also the Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, which can basically be summarized as a tankless version of the Rebuildable Atomizer. The users simple drips liquid onto the device’s wick as they want and vape. There is no tank, so you won’t need to worry about storage limitations. This will be the best vape mod atmomizer for your vaping experience if you enjoy regularly switching flavours and having increased control over vapour strength.

The best vape mods overall give you what you are looking for from your vaping time. So, choose according to your overall requirements. There are some great manufacturers, such as JACVapour and Vaperempire that produce a range of some of the best vape mods to ensure that you vape with pleasure.