E-Cigarettes Australia

E-cigarettes still allow users to get that much-craved for nicotine hit, along with the much-enjoyed flavour, without exposing them to the incredibly harmful poisons, carbon monoxide and tar that cigarette smoke contains, along with many other harmful chemicals. We have provided a quick reference guide for Australian e-cigs below.

E-cigarettes can be used in much the same fashion as traditional cigarettes, however they are battery operated and vaporize a liquid solution that contains nicotine when you inhale. The vapour is also exhaled rather than smoke, which means that those around you won’t, in all likelihood, be offended, as they might well be were you to light up around them. Remember though that regulations can vary from state to state, and even from organization to organization.


Oz Regulations on E-cigarettes

Australian law says that the selling, advertising and importation for reselling of e-cigarettes and associated products that contain nicotine is illegal. As a result of this, many Australians are likely much more familiar with those e-cigarette companies that sell e-cigarettes and products that are nicotine-free. For those who still require a nicotine hit from their e-cigarette, you may still choose to or nicotine e-cigarettes, personal vapourizers, e-cigars, e-liquid and the like, you can simply order online from a company that is based outside of the country and have the product or products delivered to you at home. According to Australian law, it is also legal for you to import a 3 months supply of eliquid nicotine as long as it is for personal use only. Remember though that it is still somewhat unclear as so what exactly constitutes a 3-months supply, so it is advisable to err on the side of caution when placing any orders.

Other important points are that there are currently no customs importation prohibitions on e-cigarettes with nicotine, as long as they are for personal use, and for order totaling less than AU$1000, there are no customs fees either.

E-Cigarette Guide for Australia

It’s important that you get the right level of nicotine for your personal use, both for enjoyment and practicality. If you are looking to transition from cigarettes, then the nicotine strength of your e-cigarette and liquid should match the current strength of your habit, otherwise your lower level of ingestion might result in your returning to your smoking habit, as your body and mind associates it with the nicotine levels you crave. If you choose a nicotine level that is too high, you might experience some unpleasant symptoms, such as headaches and nausea, which might well also put you off.

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So, to help you get the right level of nicotine for your E-cigarette, take a look at the following comparison guide between an e-cigarette and a regular cigarette:

For those who smoke regular cigarettes that are either unfiltered or very strong, you would require an e-liquid nicotine at super-high strength, which would equate to 36mg. If your regular cigarette habit saw you smoking strong, full-flavored cigarettes, then an extra-high e-liquid nicotine level of 24mg would be appropriate for you. Regular cigarette smokers would most likely be OK with an e-liquid nicotine strength of 16mg, which light smokers are likely to find that a medium strength 11mg e-liquid nicotine level is right for them.

If you were an extremely light or only a social smoker, you will probably find that a low level of nicotine is fine for you from your e-liquid, and this would correlate to a level of 8mg or so. Of course, for those who are looking to quit completely and cut nicotine out, or simply enjoy the many flavours that vaping has to offer socially without any nicotine, then there is, of course, the 0mg option. There are many excellent companies out there that stock a wide range of excellent devices and liquids with varying levels of nicotine, such as Apollo and Vaper Empire.

Remember, the law is being constantly looked at and reviewed in Australia where e-cigarettes and their use are concerned. IF you are at all unsure as to where you might stand legally in your stand with regards to the us or purchase of e-cigarettes, double check with the relevant authorities and do your research carefully.