E-Juice Nicotine Levels

E-juice with nicotine is very likely going to be the type of e-juice the majority of e-cigarette device will use, and especially those who have made the switch to e-cigs from traditional tobacco cigarettes with the aim of quitting smoking. For new users, and also for those who are more experienced but don’t yet know what their e-juice contains, this article aims to take a look at what e-juice with nicotine is made up of and what choices are available to Australian vaporizers where products are concerned.

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What Nicotine E-juice Contains

Your nicotine e-juice will, as a rule, contain two main ingredients-Propylene Glycol, also referred to as simply “PG” and Vegetable Glycerin, which is also commonly abbreviated to “VG”. These two ingredients will appear in your nicotine e-juice in varying proportions, depending on what you buy and what exactly you are looking for from your e-juice. Each one will give your e-juice a definite character, depending on the proportions used: VG will help to generate the vapour that, of course, characterizes vaping and which vapers enjoy in varying quantities, whereas PG thins out the amount of VG and also helps to grant you that much-desired throat hit to closely simulate the feel of traditional smoking, which can be very important for those looking to quit and stave off withdrawal. Neither VG nor PG are known to be toxic and are used today in many different food items and for a variety of different medical purposes and in medical products and medications. Your nicotine e-juice will, also, quite naturally, contain nicotine, again in varying amounts and concentrations, depending entirely on the requirements of the individual user.

As a brief aside, vapers or potential vapers in Australia should take note that by law, Australia-based companies may not sell e-liquid that contains nicotine.

Also, where different proportions are concerned, users might find that if their nicotine e-juice has too high a proportion of PG, they could experience a more harsh sensation when they vape and that they also get less vapour. You might see this referred to as a “dry hit” in the vaping community forums and websites. There are also definite downsides to having too high a proportion of VG in your nicotine e-juice, as it can diminish the flavour and taste of your liquid and also result in the need to replace your atomizer thank much more frequently.

Many users find that, whether or not they buy per-mixed nicotine e-juice or choose to mix their own, a 70/30 PG-VG ratio tends to work best. Those mixing their own e-juice can, naturally enough, always play with the ratio later in the event that this blend doesn’t suit them so well, or if they want more, or less, vapour production. Read more about HaloCigs, the e-juice specialists.

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Nicotine E-juice and Reactions

Although nicotine in the e-juice is important, especially for former smokers, it can cause some problems for the user if the juice contains a higher concentration of nicotine than the user would normally inhale. This can especially be problematic for former smokers who must at least match their former nicotine intake through vaping, and it is quite easy to inhale too much. Some of the more common side effects can include light-headedness and queasiness and if you are unfortunate enough to experience such symptoms, look for a nicotine-containing e-juice with a lower nicotine concentration, as e-juice manufacturers supply them in different strengths. E-juice’s PG content can also result in a dry mouth, so have a glass of water to hand in case this should afflict you while you are vaping.

Best Nicotine E-juice Strength

Determining the best nicotine strength and concentration of your e-juice will naturally be a personal preference. For those who are or have been gradually cutting down on their nicotine intake, you can get e-juice with 0% nicotine. If you have been a generally light-moderate smoker, think about getting an e-juice with a nicotine content of 6mg-12mg. If you were a heavier smoker, however, look for an e-juice with a nicotine content of 18mg and see how your body reacts. Be aware also that vaping can result in your ingesting more nicotine that you might previously have done, which can be problematic. So, if you are concerned, you could start at a concentration of 12mg instead and build up if you need to. Check out VaporFi’s new e-juice series.

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E-juice Nicotine and Flavours

This is a subject where you really can exercise your choice and, quite literally your taste. Manufacturers are now extremely creative with their range of e-juices, so you can find anything from regular flavours such as orange and strawberry, to traditional tobacco flavours, to tasty desserts-even to alcoholic beverages, such as cocktails! It can be fun to experiment and find a few flavours that will enhance your vaping pleasure all of which might just help you to stay away from those cigarettes! Apollo E-Cigs offers e-juice in different flavors with different nicotine levels.

Buying E-juice with Nicotine

For many, this will simply be a choice between either the traditional high street or the Internet, and each have their pros and cons. For vapers in some countries, however, the sale of nicotine and nicotine products is prohibited by law-Australia is a good example of this. For vapers in Australia, it is important to read up on the specific laws and regulations in your country and state before ordering anything. However, typically, in many states you can import nicotine and nicotine products, as long as they are for personal use and do not exceed a certain quantity.