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VaporFi has developed rapidly to become one of the leading electronic cigarette brands around. It may be of interest to vapers that the firm (IVG) that owns VaporFi also owns South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke, although there’s no doubt that VaporFi very much holds its own identity. For instance, their extensive lines cater extensively to both new and advanced users. First impressions are good, with sleek, stylish-looking packaging that, coupled with the white/green color scheme, is somewhat reminiscent of the Xbox. The e-cig designs along with the black/chrome colors of the more advanced devices definitely give the feel that you’re holding an advanced product. Overall, the products are exquisitely designed and made for great performance. This brand has cultivated a worldwide appeal, and is very much among the best options available. In our VaporFi Review, we’ll discuss everything from customer warranties to e-liquids to prices. Keep reading for more information.

VaporFi new E-Juice Flavors

VaporFi E-Liquid Flavours

We don’t always discuss e-liquids in depth in our company overviews simply because the majority of vape companies devote more attention to their mods than their accessories and vape juice. That being said, we want to express in this VaporFi review how wonderful these e-liquids are.

One of the best and most unique aspects of VaporFi’s e-liquids is the widget on its website that gives you the opportunity to tailor your liquid by mixing up to three flavours as well as to select the precise number of shots for every flavour you select. All of VaporFi’s e-liquids are made in the USA, and they are produced in a FDA-approved lab, of Kosher-grade ingredients. The company offers thousands of different flavors, including different tobacco and chocolate varieties, as well as unique flavors like Mango Cheesecake, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Blended Mojito.

Additionally, the company has branched into offering even more gourmet options, with its newest offerings such as their Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream and Dutch Apple Pie flavors, crafted by the amazing Cosmic Fog. Their artisan flavors Raspberry Mocha, Bites Vanilla Caramel, and Slushie add further dimension to their selection, with highly intricate gourmet tastes. For those looking for either variation, customization, or some interesting party blends, this is such a fantastic line of juices. Perhaps the best flavors are those with the PG-VG blend ratio range of 70:30; but this may just be a personal opinion. The Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream in this range is especially recommended!

Last but not least, you can now get your favourite flavours at a 20% discount because all of VaporFi’s classic flavours now come in 60ml and 30ml bottles. It’s the same vape juice, but with more per bottle, so you get more bang for your buck….as if you needed another reason to try new e-liquids.

Vaporfi Edge Mod Starter Kit

VaporFi Vapor Production

Vapor production is generally impressive with Vaporfi’s products, and there is an obvious range of options with their many products. The Express Starter Kit Bundle’s 180 mAh and 280mAh batteries give good, reasonably strong vapor for smaller cig-a-likes. For those who want a greater level of vapor, the Pro 3 vaporizer offers plenty with its 1000mAh capacity. The Rocket 3 offers even more advanced performance, on account of its 2500mAh battery. Then there’s the Rebel 3, which gives the user the ability to have sub ohm level clouds and vapor from a handy, well-designed, high-tech vape pen, boasting 3000mAh battery capacity; there’s no comparison to this thing!

In terms of mods, the whole assortment of option from VaporFi offers great vapor production at each level. You can expect moderate-level performance with the VOX 40 mods, and it goes up from there. The VOX 80 ups the vapor production, compared to the 40W version, due to its increased wattage capacity. The VAIO 80 is a temperature control all-in-one mod that is superb when it comes to both simplicity and performance. The VEX 75 and VEX 150 offer extremely good performance, with fantastic vapor production levels. As expected, the VEX 150 is the highest performing model in the collection, boasting extremely high vapor production, along with substantial battery power that lasts and lasts.

Ease of Use

Easy. That’s the name of the game with all VaporFi products. They nix the concept of the overly difficult, overly complicated vapor products and go for simplicity, user-friendliness, and intuitiveness. Everything in the VaporFi catalog is easy to use.

If you’re searching for the easiest items, especially great is the Express Kit. Perfect for the smoker or beginner vaper, this is a very easy, user-friendly entry into the e-cig world. All of the products fit snugly in the hand and are pretty unobtrusive. They are designed to recreate the feeling and experience of smoking to a T.

VaporFi Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit

Battery & Charging

VaporFi is all about offering great quality products that please and satisfy. The batteries are generally very good across the board, however considering the massive range of products, you can expect different performance from different items. For example, the VEX 150 will be monumentally different from the VOX 40 due to the difference in wattage capacity. The Express e-cig’s 180mAh battery will yield around 150 or so puffs, and the 280mAh battery will typically give you 200 or maybe a few more, which is pretty fantastic considering the size. The batteries in the Express kit could well last you between half a day to a whole day, depending on how much you’re using the device. Meanwhile, the battery on the Pro 3 will definitely give you a day or more’s serious vaping without the need for recharging.


VaporFi provides everything you could want for an e-cig: lanyards, carry cases, drip tips, wall and car chargers, and extra batteries—and all reasonably priced, too. Everything you need for all of VaporFi’s different product lines is available; from replacement atomizers and drip tips, to coils, to tanks, their accessory selection is as diverse and inclusive as their many vaporizers. You can also purchase gift cards if you know a vaper who would love the option!

VaporFi Pro Kit

VaporFi Starter Kits

VaporFi Express E-Cigarette Starter Kit

VaporFi currently offers a great range of different starter kits and bundles. First is the Express Starter Kit Bundle, which is the most user-friendly of all, being a small, two-part e-cig. The kit includes two batteries, one of which is 180mAh and the other 280mAh. There’s also a wall adapter, a USB charger, cartridges in your choice of either tobacco or menthol flavors, and you can add a carry case for an extra charge.

VaporFi Pro 3 Vaporizer Starter Kit

Next is the Pro 3, which is available in several different starter kit packages. VaporFi recommends that customers switch to this kit after having taken a few weeks to first get fully acquainted with the Express, as it is the ideal option as an upgrade. In the standard VaporFi Pro 3 Vape Starter Kit (in colors) you’ll get a powerful vape pen, along with a battery that provides 1000mAh. This will allow you to vape for an entire day, easily. There’s also a 2.5mL Pro 3 tank, extra O-rings, an extra atomizer, a USB charging cable, and a membership card.

Rebel 3 Vape Mod Starter Kit

The Rebel 3 Starter Kit gives the vaper that definitive experience of vaping at an extremely advanced level, with an easy to use, efficient vape. It is built around a powerful and durable 3000mAh battery, and comes with the 5.8mL Rebel 3 Tank. Chucking clouds is nothing with this setup! Additionally, a 0.5 ohm atomizer, along with wall and USB chargers are included. It was built and designed for heavy use, with top quality, and the ability to use it wherever you’d like.

VOX Box Mod Starter Kit

The VOX MOD’s include the VOX 80W, the VOX 40W, and the VOX Mini 40, and each is available in a starter kit. These starter kits are definitely for more experienced vapers. The device has an adjustable-watts battery, which allows the user to customise to get the perfect vapour output, as well as a tank system, which has the more up-to-date sub ohm tech, allowing for the production of truly unbelievable vapour clouds. The difference between them is the obvious wattage level. 40W is great for those who want a smaller device that does not go crazy with the clouds. If you want greater vapor production, the 80W will be awesome for you.

VEX Box Mod Starter Kit

The VEX series from VaporFi offers the finest technology in vaping, in two different levels of power: 75W and 150W. With the VEX 150 kit, you can choose your preferred tank to work with the high-powered VEX 150W device. It also comes with a rubber-silicone protective case, 2 rechargeable batteries, a USB cable, and a bottle of custom e-liquid. The VEX 75 kit similarly also includes the VEX 75W device, your choice of tank, a USB cable, 1 rechargeable battery, and a bottle of e-juice in your choice of flavors.

VAIO All-in-One Mod Starter Kit

The VAIO series comes in two options: the VAIO 75W and the VAIO 80W. The VAIO 80W is a stunning all-in-one device that is amazing on simplicity, while providing an incredible experience all around. Its built-in tank is 3.5mL, and you can expect superb vaping from this 2100mAh battery. The kit includes a USB charging cable, a 0.25 ohm pre-installed notch atomizer, an additional 6) 0.5 ohm atomizers, a tank connector, a specialized silicone-rubber case for the mod, and a bottle of e-liquid in your flavor of choice. The VAIO 75W starter kit is basically a carbon copy of it’s big brother, only with the 75W all-in-one device, which is powered by a 2500mAh battery (so there’s lower wattage but higher battery capacity), and does not include a silicone case.

VaporFi Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer Starter Kit

The Orbit is one of VaporFi’s most popular starter kits, and it is designed for dry herb vaporising. The herbs are held in the device’s 1.7mL heating chamber, and it is very simple to use. Be aware that you cannot vape e-liquids with this device. It is a highly economical dry herb vaporizer, and has earned high reviews from all who’ve tried it. It works only with herb, the battery lasts a very long time, and it has no problem evenly heating and vaporizing dry herbage into magnificent clouds of potent vapor. The starter kit includes one 2200mAh rechargeable Orbit vaporizer, 1 cleaning brush, 5 mesh filters, and 5 extra mouthpiece covers. At the price of $99.99, it is an amazing deal.

VaporFi Atom Herbal Vaporizer Starter Kit

The Atom vaporizer is VaporFi’s latest dry herb product, and it offers some excellent performance for a dry herb vaporizer. It heats the herb efficiently and evenly, without burning, to create sizable, potent hits. The vapor is clean, good tasting, and very effective. What’s great about this kit is that it costs significantly less than many similar top-quality devices, and performs with ultimate precision for herb vaping. The device is a 3000mAh vaporizer, and it is ultra powerful to get those hits you crave. The kit includes everything you need; the Atom dry herb vaporizer, 1 pre-installed mouthpiece, 1 oven door, 1 extra screen, 2 cleaning pipes, 1 packing tool, and 1 micro USB cable.

VaporFi V-Grip 220 TC MOD

You might have known VaporFi for its e-cigs, tanks, and vape pens, but now you’ll know them for their massive box mods. The VaporFi V-Grip 220 TC Mod is one of the most advanced mods on the market. With a current of 50A and a power output of 220W, this mod is one of the most powerful ones available today. It’s outfitted with temperature control mode, TCR, a fast-action firing bar, and a convenient latch for your batteries. Comfortable to hold and heavenly to vape, the V-Grip will make you the envy of all the other vapers within ten kilometres. The mod can support tanks of up to 25mm in diameter, and it comes in either black or stainless steel. Vape it then turn it off and watch the digital analog clock light up on the OLED screen. If you need a strong, high-quality vaporizer to get you through the day, then look no further. The V-Grip is unarguably one of the most reliable mods money can buy.

Shipping & Warranty

Vaporfi offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products, except e-liquids, for purchases made from their website. Free shipping is always appreciated, and with VaporFi, orders in the US over $75, and in Australia over $350 ship free. From Mon-Sat, US orders are typically shipped the same day if placed before 12:00 PM EST. In Australia, orders are typically shipped within 24 hours. Orders generally arrive within seven days (depending on geographic location and whether the items are in stock), although you can opt for expedited shipping if you’d prefer. International orders typically take at least 7–15 days, with the possibility of delays.

Also, let it be known that VaporFi is now offering Expedited Service to Australia with 2–4 days transit time, door to door!

VaporFi Stratus Dry Herb Vaporizer


You can find the following brands on VaporFi’s website:

Lazarus Naturals Suoin USA SIGELEI UWELL
nuLeaf naturals MigVapor Koi CBD Eleaf
CBD Dinner Lady RIP TIDE Joytech CBDfx
Green Roads grn Hemp WISMEC SMOK
Asvape Tech JUST CBD aspire IJOY
Kangertech HeLLVAPE efrest

VaporFi Review Wrap-Up

In this complete VaporFi review, we tried to tell you the positives, negatives, and everything in between. Overall, VaporFi is one of our favorite companies to work with, and we find they provide high-quality products and excellent service time and time again.

VaporFi offers an excellent supply of devices for all vapers, with the Express and Pro 3 kits being especially fantastic for the beginning vaper. Their dry herb vaporizer options are also in high demand. Their devices are easy to use and yield good-to-excellent vapor from an impressive range of e-liquids. In addition, these products can also be customised. VaporFi also offers a “Vapor Rewards” program, where you can earn one point for each dollar you spend. So, if you want selection, quality, options, and fun products, look no further than VaporFi!

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