2024’s Apollo eCigs Review

Apollo Ecigs Review
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Apollo has established itself as a truly leading manufacturer of e-cigarettes, having established their website back in 2010. Their entry into the market appeared to coincide with a time when quit a few of the larger corporations were beginning to tune into the new e-cig trend. There are a number of factors that really mark out Apollo as a leading brand: They have a quite excellent array of products and they also conduct their own R&D at their facility in China, and they have complete control over all aspects of quality control, manufacturing and development of their ranges. Their e-juices are developed only in California. In addition to all of this, they are also a company that is genuinely ardent about e-cigarettes and the e-cig movement.

It is perhaps the sheer range of Apollo’s products that really marks them out: They really do offer something for all-whether you are a vaping novice or an experienced user looking for a more advance model. Apollo really is a great brand to browse over and check out the different devices and their specs.

Another fact that really sets Apollo apart from much of the competition is that an eGo-style battery is on offer to their customers, which is not the case with many other brands. The good thing about this type of battery is that it is excellent for those vapers that are looking for increased vapor production and a longer battery life than is typically on offer elsewhere-especially where cig-a-like makes are concerned. As well as these, you may also use refillable tanks, which means that you can enjoy a more personalized vaping experience and you may also choose to sample e-juice from other manufacturers, giving you even greater choice.

E-liquid Flavors

Apollo E-Liquid Flavors

Apollo gives you a choice of five different cartomizer flavors. These are a very pleasant bland of Vanilla, a nice-and fairly realistic-coffee flavor, a strong Menthol flavor, which will really do it for you if powerful minty flavors are your thing, a sweet cherry flavor and a Marlboro-Reds’ emulating Tobacco flavor, which will surely appeal to former smokers of that particular brand, assuming that it doesn’t make you “homesick”!
All of the flavors are excellent and highly enjoyable, although you might well find that the Menthol flavor is a bit too much if you aren’t a real fan of menthol.

new e-liquid flavors from apollo

Apollo Vapor Production

Those e-cig users that lover blowing vapor rings will definitely appreciate Apollo’s devices, as they certainly allow you to do this. Indeed, for the battery power on offer, the cigs yield very good vapor production indeed. Those users who are seeking even greater vapor production should perhaps have a look at Apollo’s more sophisticated kits, such as the Superior Ego.

Apollo Veporizer Device

Ease of Use

In general, Apollo products are very easy to use, with powerful batteries that take away any potential stress of running out of gas mid-vape.

Battery & Charging

Battery life is typically good with Apollo, with any of their models. If you get Apollo’s Standard Starter Kit, you will also receive a portable charging case, which is an excellent and thoughtful piece of design for travelling vapers. Remember, though that you will need to ensure that your charging case itself stays fully charged up. and this will give you the convenience and freedom to recharge wherever you go. The case also allows for the storage of a cartomizer and spare battery.


Apollo offer customers a decent range of accessories, including color choices on e-cigs and the choice of automatic or manual control. Also, you can get passthrough batteries in two different sizes, a USB and car charger, as well as a wall adapter, allowing for great flexibility as far as keeping your e-cig fully charger on the go is concerned. To this end, you can also get portable charging cases in a choice of white or black, and a choice of many different converters which make Apollo’s parts interchangeable, which, again, gives the vapers quite excellent flexibility and choice. There is also a selection of leather cases in a choice of 5 different colors.

Apollo ECigs Superior Ego Kit

Apollo Starter Kits

Apollo customers can choose between five different starter kits depending on whether they are beginning or experienced vapers. First, there is the Standard Kit, which comes with two standard automatic batteries, a portable charger case, five cartomizers, and chargers. The Standard Kit is an extremely good choice for newer vapers.
Next, we have the Extreme Starter Kit. This kit is also an excellent choice for new vapers and comes with five cartomizers, two extreme, automatic batteries, a car and wall charger and USB charger.
Third comes the Superior eGo Kit which gives the user 2 900mAh lithium eGo batteries, 1 ten ml bottle of e-juice, chargers, a lanyard pouch, and 2 CE4 clearomizers with 1.6ml capacity. This is the ideal kit for new or experienced users alike.
Fourth, is the VTube Kit V3.0, which caters brilliantly for experienced vapers, coming with a TrustFire dual battery charger, a stainless steel VTube, a rechargeable battery, a ProTank2 Mini clearomizer and a carry case.
Finally we have the eSlim Kit. This caters well for new and experienced vapers alike, supplying 2 1ml clearomizers, 2 eSlim 350mAh lithium batteries, an a 10ml bottle of e-juice.

Apollo Vape Prices

  • Standard Starter Kit: $69.95
  • Extreme Starter Kit: $54.95
  • Superior eGo Kit: $69.95
  • VTube Kit V3.0: $119.95
  • eSlim Kit: $69.95
  • Apollo also does disposable e-cigarettes, which start at $9.95

Apollo E-Cigs Endeavor Kit

Design and Packaging

The Apollo design is stylish and typically sleek, and their starter kits are provided in boxes which seal magnetically. The devices themselves and futuristic-looking, and even Apollo’s logo is incredibly stylish. With reference to the portable charging case, it also has a wonderfully space-age, futuristic look and really makes you feel as though you are ahead of the curve as far as e-cigs are concerned. One thing is certain: You will always feel like a trend-setter with Apollo’s devices.

Shipping & Warranty

Apollo offers arrange of different warranties, including 1-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty. They offer free shipping on US orders totaling more than $30. Free USPS tracking and delivery confirmation is also offered and for international customers, USPS Priority Mail starts at $19.95, and delivery estimates are between 6-10 days.


In general, Apollo offer an excellent range of products which produce satisfying vapor amounts and afford an excellent taste experience. The presentation of their devices is usually excellent, too. A great choice for both new and experienced e-cig users. Highly recommended.

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