Best Aussie E-Hookah (E-Shisha Pen) Guide

Electronic hookah pens, also known as E-pens, E-hookah, or E-shisha, are an increasingly popular method for delivering inhaled doses of nicotine, or non-nicotine vapour, via a solution that is housed in a cartridge inside the device. This can be changed as per the requirements of the user. It’s fair to say that the market for such devices is booming, having grown in only a few years to the almost $2 billion industry it is today. If you are looking to switch from cigarette smoking, or you just want to vape a range of flavours—sans nicotine—then an e-hookah may well be a good choice. So, what are some practical considerations to bear in mind for those looking to take that first dip into the e-hookah market?

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Choosing Your E-Hookah Pen

As you might expect from such a burgeoning, rapidly growing industry, e-hookah pens come in a dazzling array of different designs and sizes, so it’s important to decide exactly what matters to you with regard to the product. For instance, if you buy a product with a smaller battery, you’ll need to recharge it more often. The batteries used in rechargeable e-hookahs are similar to the lithium ion batteries that you can find in your laptop computer.

E-hookahs also have an atomizer tank, which houses and vaporises the liquid, becoming the vapour you ultimately inhale. In general, products come with either a plastic atomizer tank or a pyrex glass one. Some users feel that pyerx glass does a better job of preserving the liquid’s flavour, which is likely to be a significant benefit if you’re using an e-hookah pen for this reason rather than for a nicotine hit. Some e-shiha pens are also very lightweight, which makes them great, both for portability and ease of use. Some also come with nice little touches. For instance, some products sold by incorporate a genuine hookah bubbling effect, which users have found extremely pleasing.

Pyrex glass units are typically more expensive than plastic ones, so ask yourself what kind of user you are: Are you looking for an occasional vape every now and then? If so, then a disposable plastic e-shisha pen might well be ideal and will likely cost you around $10.

If you’re a bit more serious, you have a range of options. For up to around $40, you can choose an introductory unit which you can recharge and refill easily. Remember, though, that the components are likely to be plastic and will have lower battery capacity. If you’re willing to spend up to around $80, you can choose from a range of higher quality units, which will have higher battery capacity, metal components, and pyrex glass tanks. Top-of-the-range e-hookah pens can go for anywhere from $100-$200, accompanied by such integral functions as digital displays which allow for the easy changing of settings. Such pens also have the higher quality metal components and glass tanks in which the vapour liquid is held. Whatever type of e-shiha pen you choose, make sure you get one that comes with a minimum 30-days guarantee.


What Is the Difference Between an E-cigarette and an E-Hookah?

Perhaps the principal difference is that e-cigarettes are used by (ex) tobacco smokers in order to get a nicotine hit, whereas an e-hookah delivers a nicotine-free, flavoured hit. Also, since they are typically used more often, e-cigarettes require much more maintenance than e-hookahs, which are usually used recreationally rather than to replace a regular, long-standing habit like smoking. As a result, e-cigarettes have parts that require maintenance, as well as liquids containing the nicotine that must be constantly replaced and refilled, whereas e-hookah pens can either be easily disposed of or, as they are primarily used in social situations, require much less maintenance and expense.

How to Use an E-Hookah

A refillable e-shisha comes in three parts: the smoking tip, the flavour tube, and the battery. If you are using a rechargeable/refillable device, make sure you charge the battery for around four hours before you use it. When you want to put your flavoured liquid into the glass flavour tube, simply unscrew the tip and pour the liquid slowly while holding the tube at a slight tilt. After this, screw the sip back on, but make sure you don’t screw it on too tightly. Then, attach the battery to the tube and hold the button to begin vapingvaping. If you’re using a disposable e-shisha pen, simply unpack the device (if applicable), and then press the button and inhale!

Are E-Shisha Pens Safe?

Shisha pens create the flavourful vapour users inhale via the process of vaporisation rather than combustion, and therefore they do not create the same harmful toxins that result from combustion. However, while using a hookah pen is generally regarded as being much safer than smoking tobacco or hookah tobacco, the long-term effects of inhaling vaporised propylene glycol (common food additives used to create the vapour) have yet to be investigated by scientists. It should be remembered that because vaping is a relatively new activity, there has not, as yet, been a sufficient, in-depth investigation and analysis into the long-term safety of vaping and e-hookah.

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