E-Cigarettes Accessories

As with many different types of device and hobby, cigarettes accessories can greatly enhance your enjoyment of vaping and they can also improve the functionality of your experience. Sometimes, you simply want to add a few extra bits and pieces to ensure that you are all “put together”. In addition, as with any device, different components might also get damaged or may simply wear out, requiring a replacement. Whatever e-cigarettes accessories you might need to vape in Australia, we will look in more detail here at some of the different e-cigarette accessories available to you.

Apollo Ecigs Clearomizer


Coils are one part of your electronic cigarette that you may well have to replace more often than almost any other. The coils are crucial because they produce the device’s vaporizing action. You might also see them called Bottom Clearomizer Coils, or BCCs, and it is likely that you might have been provided with a few extra coils with your starter kit. Manufacturers realize that as one of the central components of the device, the coils will gradually accrue grease and eventually burn out. If you ensure that your coils are kept relatively fresh and are of decent quality, you will tend to notice that your vapour will taste better and your device will simply be able to product much more of it. Click the “accessories” tab on whichever company’s website you are looking at and you will likely find what you are looking for.

V2 E-Cigarettes Battery Guide


Again, if you bought a starter kit, you might have been given some extra batteries as part of the overall package. If not, it might be a good idea to have some spare ones on hand, just in case. For those who vape a lot and often take their e-cigarette device with them on their travels, it is a good idea to always keep at least one spare battery fully charge in case the one you are using runs out and you have no way of recharging it.

VF Volt Sub tank


The tank is another component that you might need to replace from time to time, or you might simply want to have a couple in different colours just to make things a little more stylish and coordinated. Of course, tanks can also suffer from wear and tear and can be susceptible to cracking and fading through being put in bags and pockets with keys and other sharp objects. You could also keep spare tanks on hand in case you want to have vaping sessions with different flavoured e-liquids, just to mix things up.

VaporFi Charger


You can now get a range of different chargers and this is excellent news as it means you have a number of different ways of recharging your e-cig. These options are especially good for vapers who are always on the go, and they include:

    • USB chargers: These are great because they give you the option of recharging your e-cig via a USB port, which means that you can simply plug into your laptop and juice it up!
    • Car adapter: Thanks to this, you can recharge the batteries through your vehicle’s power outlet. The adapter works in combination with your USB charger.
    • Personal charging case: This fantastic thing simply holds the batteries and then powers them up, all without a separate source of power. These cases are portable, as they are roughly the same size as a regular cigarette packet and you can recharge batteries as many as 4 times before you will need to then recharge the case itself.
    • Portable wall charger: This allows you to charge your batteries at any wall socket. It also connects with your handy USB charger.
    • Multi bay chargers: These are very useful because they allow you to hold several batteries for charging at any one time. This, of course, is extremely convenient and time-efficient and gives you plenty of fully charged, spare batteries to keep your device powered up on the go.

V2Cigs Electronic Cigarettes Case

Carry Cases

Again, very important for those who will be travelling with their devices. They are practical, because naturally you will want something to carry your device and its accessories in to keep them safe. Also, the carry case can be something of an addition with respect to your wardrobe, as far as accessories are concerned. Imagine whipping out a stylish leather carry case and pulling your sleek e-cig device from it? Nothing beats feeling-and looking good.

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