How to Choose CBD Edibles in Australia? – 2024

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What Are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are a good potent way of consuming marijuana. When you smoke marijuana, the chemical compounds enter the body through the lungs. But when marijuana is eaten through CBD edibles, the chemical compounds enter the body through the stomach and liver and get into the bloodstream. This makes it more effective than smoking it. Also, edibles are discreet as opposed to smoking and vaping. You can easily chew on a CBD gummy bear without anyone noticing, as opposed to lighting up a wrap of weed or using a vape pen. Also, there is no characteristic smell or smoke. Heck, you could even grab a dose before a business meeting, and you’ll be totally fine. Continue reading

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What Kind of CBD Edibles Can I Buy in Australia?

You can buy CBD brownies, gummy bears, cookies, chocolate, chewable tablets and capsules, lollipops, popsicles, pasta, taffy, caramel, jerky etc.

What Flavors of CBD Edibles Can I Buy in AU?

You can buy CBD edibles in almost every flavor you can think of. Coffee, Peppermint, mango, cherry, vanilla, banana, tangerine, lemon, orange and lots more.

How Legal Are CBD Edibles in Australia?

CBD edibles sold in Australia must have a THC content that is lower than 0.3%.

You can only buy CBD edible from medical marijuana dispensaries in Australia if you have a medical marijuana prescription. If you can’t get a medical marijuana prescription, you can import CBD edibles online. But, you need to check the expiry date carefully as edibles don’t usually last as long as CBD tinctures, oils, vape juice and other CBD products.

What Health Benefits Can I Get from CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles can help to treat anxiety, seizures, epilepsy, inflammation, insomnia, chronic pain, chemotherapy-induced symptoms, stress etc. The fact that you are eating a nice edible doesn’t mean that you won’t gain health benefits from it.

CBD Edibles Vs Weed Edibles?

No, CBD edibles are different from weed edibles. CBD edibles contain CBD with little to no THC content. So, they won’t make you high or feel hungry like weed edibles that contain THC. You need to be careful when making your purchase as some edibles contain a mixture of CBD and THC. Go for products that contain 100% CBD content.

How Will I Feel When I Eat Them?

When you eat a CBD edible, you will feel the same way as you would when you vape a CBD oil or use CBD through other means. The effect might even last longer and be more potent because the CBD from the edibles gets straight into the bloodstream after passing through the stomach and the liver.

What Are the Side Effects of Eating CBD Edibles?

Almost none. It’s unlike smoking where you have the marijuana smoke other byproducts. It’s just the CBD alone. Of course, you should inspect the edible for gluten, peanut and other things that you may be allergic to.

What Shouldn’t I Do When Eating Them?

Don’t eat a CBD edible on an empty stomach. You might feel anxious or become paranoid if you do so. This is due to the THC/CBD imbalance. But some people still eat CBD edibles when hungry as they feel that this will make the CBD kick in faster. If you want a faster reaction, why not try vaping?

Useful Pointers for Choosing Good CBD Edibles in Australia?

Here are some things to bear in mind when selecting a CBD edible in Australia.
  1. Flavor: With a CBD edible, you have the opportunity of enjoying marijuana in flavors that you want. With online shopping and the option to import your CBD edibles from other countries, you have access to so many flavors. Make use of this opportunity and try out the flavors that you’ll enjoy.
  2. CBD/Marijuana Content: The only CBD edibles allowed in Australia are those that contain 100% CBD content with no THC content. So, the THC content of the CBD edible must be less than 0.3%. As mentioned earlier, don’t go for weed edibles that contain both THC and CBD contents as they will make you high.
  3. CBD Content: You should check for the CBD content before making a purchase. The higher the CBD content per serving size, the more CBD content that will enter your body. If you’re trying CBD edibles for the first time, you are advised that you start with products with lower CBD content before moving up to other products.
  4. Third-party testing: CBD edibles that have been tested by third parties will be labelled so. Third-party testing indicates that the product has been tested in laboratories owned by third-parties. So, you can be sure that the product has gone through rigorous testing processes. This means that you can be assured of the product quality. Not too many CBD edible products have been third-party tested. Go for CBD edibles that have been tested in third-party laboratories.
  5. Food preferences: It’s best to get CBD edibles that match your food preferences. If you are allergic to some food substances, avoid CBD edibles that contain them.