How to Choose CBD for Pets in Australia – 2024

cbd-for-pets-in-australia Pet owners in Australia are now giving their pets CBD products after seeing the benefits that it can provide for their pets. You might picture a cool cat or dog on sunglasses lounging on around a pool and puffing on a vaper or inhaling marijuana fumes. That’s funny and far-fetched. That is not how CBD for pets work. You might also think that blowing your CBD smoke on your pet will have a positive effect on it, but no, that is also wrong. What about administering your CBD oils, tinctures and other products on your pet. Nope, not that way either. CBD products for humans are different from CBD products for pets. When you administer CBD products for humans on your pets, you run the risk of causing fatal injury or even death for your pets. So, what is the right way to administer CBD products for your pets in Australia? Continue reading

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How You Can Administer CBD Products for Pets in Australia   

You need to visit an online cannabis store to buy CBD products for your pets. These CBD products are in the form of tinctures, ointments, capsules, shampoo, lotions, oils, and edible treats.

Some products work for all animals while some are specifically for dogs or cats.

What Dosage of CBD Product Can I Give My Pet?

Dosage varies depending on the size and weight of your pet. It’s best that you start with little doses before increasing the dosage administered to your pet weekly. Some experts recommend a dosage of 1 mg per 10 pounds of body weight once or twice a day.   

What Are the Benefits of Giving Pets CBD Products?

CBD products have been known to make animals live longer and more active lives in better health. There have been cases where an animal was about to be euthanized only for the owner to try CBD on the animal and the animal getting back to normal.

Pet CBD products can make animals less anxious, healthy, calm them down, make them happy, cure their arthritis, soothe their joints, boost their appetite, help them with skin problems, work as a pain reliever etc. CBD for pets can also cure pet conditions like cancer, fatty tumors, glaucoma, seizures, homeostasis, digestive issues, inflammatory bowel disease etc.   

Why Does CBD Work for Pets?

CBD work for pets because they have an endocannabinoid system too like humans. The endocannabinoid system is a network of cellular receptors and activators that regulate physiological processes like pain, sleep, stress, inflammation, mood etc.

So, CBD binds to specific receptors in the endocannabinoid system of your pet and regulates it, so there is a balance in the system.

Can Pets Try THC Products?

No. THC doesn’t go well with animals. Only use approved pet CBD products for your pets. THC is fatal to the health of animals. Pet CBD products are certified THC free as they contain less than 0.3% THC.

Should I Use Pet CBD Products Without Telling My Vet?

No. You are advised to consult your vet first before trying out a pet CBD product.

Is CBD For Pet Legal in Australia?

The sales and usage of CBD products for pets haven’t been approved in Australia, but a lot of people find their way around and order products via the internet from other countries. 

What Should I Expect from Using CBD For Pets?

You shouldn’t expect immediate results. It could take as much as weeks to get the results that you desire. 

How About Using CBD With Other Pet Medicine?

This is still a grey area as a lot of research still needs to be done. But some vets advice that you reduce the dosage of your regular medicine when trying CBD for your pet.   

How Can I Choose Good CBD For Pets Products?

There are some things that you need to consider before you can buy good CBD for Pets products.
  1. Buy Certified CBD For Pets Products Alone
    Only buy products that are certified for use by pets alone. Never buy products meant for humans.
  2. Never Buy Any Product with THC Content
    THC is harmful to pets. You won’t find any genuine CBD pet products that contain THC content.
  3. Third-Party Testing
    Third-party testing indicates that the CBD product has been tested by third-party laboratories.
  4. Look for Organic Products
    Look for organic products in which the CBD used to grow them have been extracted from cannabis plants that have been carefully grown in strict conditions. These plants have been cultivated without the use of herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals. Inorganic products have chemical residue from the use of herbicides and pesticides. The residue could be harmful to your pet and cause some side effects.
  5. Go for trusted Pet CBD Brands
    Buy pet CBD products from trusted CBD brands alone. These brands may be more expensive than others, but you are assured of the quality, and you can rest easy knowing that what you are giving your pet is safe.

Side Effects of CBD for Pets

Some pet owners reported that saliva production reduced, so their pets drank more water after a dose of pet CBD products. Some pets also had drowsiness and slightly lower blood pressure.