How to Choose the Best Vape Pod?

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By now, you think you’ve seen it all: e-cigarettes that looks exactly like regular cigarettes, vape mods with LED displays, box mods that connect to your smartphone via bluetooth…but you haven’t yet seen the vape pod.

Vape pods are the next new trend in vaping. Small enough to fit in your pocket, but powerful enough to give you a nice throat hit, the vape pod system might just be exactly what you need. Designed for convenience and style, vape pods are perfect for the busy mother, the over-scheduled professional, and the casual, no-nonsense vaper.

In this Vape Australia exclusive, we’ll tell you how vape pod devices work, what vape pod flavours we can’t get enough of, and where you can find the best pod mods for sale at the lowest prices. Continue reading.

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What Is a Pod Vape?

Once upon a time you had two basic choices when it came to vaping. You could go with an e-cigarette if you wanted something discreet, or you could go with a box mod if you wanted style and power.

Vape pens and tube mods usually all that simple. You still have to load up the clearomiser with e-liquid and change out the atomiser every once in a while.

Vapers wanted something easier. Something that could travel on the subway and in restaurants without calling attention to itself. Vapers of 2024 wanted a sleek, sexy vaporiser that was easy to navigate.

Thus, the vape pod device was born.

Slightly larger but significantly cooler than e-cigs, vape pods look like either USB memory sticks or small, round pods and usually use the cartridge system. So, when you’ve used up the e-liquid in your cartridge, just pop in a new pod and go on your way.

Sleek and simple.

How Do Vape Pod Devices Work?

Vape pods are meant to be totally user-friendly. There are too many former smokers who assume that vaping isn’t for them just because they just think it’s too difficult. If you’ve got a thousand things to think of every day, the last thing on your to-do list is to learn about how to configure the settings on a vaporiser.

As it turns out, vape pens are somewhat cheaper than vape pods. Because they come with refillable cartomisers, they take e-liquid from a bottle. Cartridges, by contrast, are pre-packaged, and they can’t be purchased in bulk. However, there are no spills, no messes, and no big bottles of e-liquid.

Vape pods might not be as cost effective, but they’ll save you time and energy for sure. All you have to do is pop in a cartridge and you’re ready to go. You’ll never have to change the battery because it’s internal, and you’ll never need to wick an atomiser. Then plug it in to charge using a standard USB cable.

Vape pod devices have internal batteries, so you won’t have to purchase the batteries separately. The smaller USB-like devices have a battery capacity of between 250-350mAh, and the larger, round devices are between 350-600mAh. So, if you’re using a smaller vape pod, you might have to recharge it during the day. Thankfully, since most of them have passthrough charging, you can charge them from your computer during the day.

If you’re a former smoker looking to quit, a vape pod is your best bet. Instead of tinkering with voltage settings, you can start vaping right away. Quitting has never been easier.

Which Vape Pod Flavours Are Available?

Because they use cartridges, you can’t mix and match vape pods from other companies. So, you’re somewhat limited in terms of flavours. That being said, because these devices have exploded in popularity, there are far more vape pod flavours than there are e-cigarette flavours.

South Beach Smoke alone carries 11 different flavours for the blu pods, and SMOK’s Rolo Badge and Mig Vapor’s Trap Pod are even sold with a refillable cartridges so you can use your own e-liquid.

You’ll also find that nicotine salts have become increasingly popular. Ever since JUUL released its own line of nicotine salts, they’ve been popping up everywhere. Nicotine salts, as opposed to freebase nicotine, is gentler on the throat. Though it doesn’t absorb as easily as freebase nicotine, because it’s less intense, it can be used in far higher concentrations.

If you’ve found that e-juice just isn’t as strong as your regular tobacco, you’ll definitely want to try nicotine salts. At 50mg/ml, nicotine salts are said to most closely resemble standard cigarettes. The Trap Pod from Mig Vapor as well as the Suorin Air Vape Pod and the SMOK Fit Kit from Volcano are all optimised to take nicotine salts.

Where Can I Find the Best Pod Vapes 2024 for Sale?

The best refillable pod vapes of 2024 are sold by Volcano. Volcano actually has an entire section of their store devoted just to pod vapes. However, if you’re looking for something a little different, you can try the pods sold by V2.

V2’s 3-in-1 devices are some of the best pod mods around. Not only can you vape e-liquid on them, but you can also vape dry herbs or concentrates with a simple cartridge switch. The vape pod automatically adjusts for the new medium.
Vape pods cost about as much as a simple vape pen. You can purchase even the best pod mods for between $20-40. Do note that the cartridges will cost you about $4-5 a pop. A single 1.5-2.5ml cartridge will get you through most of the day, so you’ll still save a few dollars every day even on the cartridge system. If you’re chain vaping though, you might want to consider either a refillable cartridge or a standard vape pen just because they’re more affordable.

A Few Last Words on Vape Pods:

Vape pods are the hottest new thing in the vaping world. If you’ve rejected vaping up until now, now is your chance! Vape pods are clean, simple, and oh so sleek. Just slip a few cartridges into your pocket and you’ll be vaping tobacco-free all day long.