How to Choose CBD Topicals in Australia? – 2024

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What Are CBD Topicals?

CBD topicals are a unique form of cannabinoids that differ from the mainstream types of CBD on the market. The CBD topicals are used on the skin rather than consumed or smoked like most CBD products. These topicals are extracted from the flowers and stems of cannabis plants and combined with shea butters, moisturizers or the like to create a fruitful commodity.

Topicals are preferred when a certain area needs to be targeted. While other CBD solutions perfuse throughout the entire body, the topicals concentrate on a particular area at the discretion of the consumer. This benefit is part of the reason why CBD topicals have grown so popular in recent years with their reach extending to the cosmetics and beauty industry.

CBD topicals work by absorbing through your skin; it is important to note that the topicals will not enter your bloodstream. This process means that the full effects of CBD topicals take slightly longer to kick in than the other forms of cannabinol. People who consume the vast majority of CBD products will feel the affects within minutes and sometimes even immediately, but the topicals can take about two hours until the consumer feels or sees results. Continue reading

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Use of CBD Topicals

CBD topicals, in almost any form, can be used for countless purposes. The use of the topicals typically falls into two categories: medicinal and cosmetic.

The medicinal use of CBD topicals will address issues such as sore muscles, aches and inflammation. CBD is popular in treating epidermic issues because of the concentration of the product and its use of natural ingredients which makes it even healthier. CBD topicals additionally relieve pain from conditions such as arthritis. Further, the topicals contain numerous vitamins, proteins, fatty acids and minerals that can help with sleep and appetite.

Cosmetic use of cannabinol topicals are a recent feat in the industry. The products span from hair care to lip balms and on some occasions have a lower concentration of cannabinol in them. This is because the health benefits of CBD doesn’t serve the main purpose for this particular use.

Additionally, topical CBD can be used to provide relief for sunburns, bug bites, dry skin, and acne. This is achieved by absorption into the skin which will activate receptors in the endocannabinoid system.


Types of CBD Topicals

CBD topicals can take a variety of forms and might be the most diverse kind of cannabinol available. Some common types of CBD topicals are:

  • Moisturizers & Creams
    The moisturizers and creams are great for dry skin. They have a light texture and can be scented or unscented depending on the brand.
  • Balms
    The balms will have a thicker texture and work best for areas such as the mouth to remove dry or peeling skin or the joints. Balms usually come in small quantities and are infused with accompanying flavors for a pleasant scent.
  • Lotions
    CBD topical lotions are soft and light and usually come in larger quantities. The lotions are beneficial for areas of discomfort because of their concentration and soothing texture.
  • Salves
    Salves are usually a little oily or greasy depending on the brand. The product has a slippery coat and a thick texture and will come in very small quantities.
  • Gels
    The gels can be used all-over if needed but works best for muscle-related conditions. Most gels will also include some sort of cooling or warming features to better soothe muscles or inflammation.

As the cosmetics industry has expanded its reach to include cannabinoid industries, more products such as face creams, bath bombs and lip balms have emerged.

This vast assortment has created countless methods of applications as a result. This includes sprays, cream tubs, squeeze bottles, and rollers to name a few. The type of CBD topical that is right for you will depend on what you need it for and why.


How to Choose the Best CBD Topical?

CBD topicals should be chosen based on why you need them and the method of application that suits you best. While the right product for you is partly dependent your personal situation, there are some general features you should keep in mind during your search:

  • Origin
    The origin of the cannabinoid is important because you want to ensure the farm harvesting and extracting the hemp plants do not use fertilizers or pesticides. These harsh chemicals decrease the quality of the product; try to use topicals from non-GMO cannabis and hemp plants.
  • Health Condition
    Your health condition should be the number one determinant of the product you choose. There are abundant options for products that are formulated for specific conditions and its important that you find the right one. There are topicals made for athletes and other ones made to relieve discomfort from arthritis.
  • CBD Content
    The CBD content will be stated directly on the label and is measure in milligrams. The content can vary from 125mg to 1000 mg. The amount of CBD that is right for you depends on what you are looking to get out of the CBD topicals.
  • THC Content
    Try not to use CBD topicals with THC content in them; the most THC that should be in the product is 0.3%.
  • Skin Sensitivity & Allergies
    If you have sensitive skin, you may want to check with your doctor or dermatologist or read reviews about the product to make sure you will not have a negative experience with the product. This also applies to any allergies you may have.
  • Certification of Analysis
    A certification of analysis details the tests the product underwent to ensure its quality and effectiveness.
  • Extra Ingredients
    Most CBD topicals consist of other ingredients that are beneficial for your skin and overall health. You can narrow your search by looking for topicals with extra ingredients such as vitamin E and D, essential oils and shea butter.
  • Third-Party Testing
    It is better to use CBD topicals that have been tested in a third-party laboratory because there won’t be any poor motivations or intentions which means the results are more trustworthy.