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E-puffer, with headquarters in the US, UK and Canada, is one of the world’s leading e-cigarette manufactueres and offers a good range of e-cigarettes, e-pipes and cigars with the avowed intention of helping its customers adopt a more healthy lifestyle, quite obviously free from cigarettes smoke. The website is clear and easy to navigate and offers not only a range of vaping products, but also a range of e-liquids and accessories. Epuffer’s range of e-liquids are created from, among other things, gluten-free non-alcoholic and non-allergenic materials, and the company has been crafting e-liquids for around a decade, making then one of the most experienced e-juice developers in North America.

So, without further ado, here is our ePuffer review!

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ePuffer E-Liquid Flavors

Aside from the fact that Epuffer has been producing e-liquids for a long time now, their range is also home-crafter in America, which means that the quality is high. Vapers can also choose from a range of different nicotine levels to suit their requirements.

As far as flavors are concerned, vapers can choose from an interesting-and sometimes exotic range-from Havana Cigar, for the cigar traditionalist, through to the sensual sounding “Midnight Pleasure” and “Valerian Natural Relaxant” for unwinding after a stressful day. You can also get a little more exotic with “Sangria Shisha” and “Strawberry Margarita”, if the mood takes you.

The entire range of e-liquids can be used to refill Epuffer devices, thus sparing users the extra expense of having the continuously buy new cartridges. Epuffer liquids can also be used with other devices, and prices are reasonable, at $19.95 for 30ml. However, be sure to regularly check the “Clearance” button, where the 30ml ejuice bottles can go for only $7.95. A good way to sample a range of Epuffer ejuice is to go with one of the starter kits and see what appeals to you.


E-Puffer Vapor Production

Vapor production is very good, with many users giving favorable comments. I had absolutely no complaints and found that vapor was extremely pleasurable without being completely overwhelming. The vapor is somewhat thicker than some of the other devices I’ve tried.


Ease of Use

Users generally report no problems and I especially found the Phantom HD easy to assemble and use. It is easy to remove the cap on the device in order to refill the cartridge and it charges pretty quickly. One small point is that the supplied USB cable is, perhaps, just a little short, but it’s not a big problem.

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Battery & Charging

It almost goes without saying, but the battery with the Phantom HD massively outperforms anything offered by disposables, which I’d previously been used to. I found that the battery was more than half full as soon as I took it out of the packaging, and even from this I got a lot of puffs, as well as more than 700 from a fully charged battery. Your batteries will be fully charged in around a couple of hours, which is also very good, especially for those of us who want to be up and going as soon as possible. Perhaps the Epuffer website could also offer a slightly wider selection of replacement batteries-minor gripe. All Epuffer devices can also be charged via USB port, so you can buy a connector to then recharge either via wall socket or in your car. Epuffer also sells a magnetic ecig, which will charge in its case, which is ieal for when you’re on the go.


Epuffer offers a good range of accessories, from stylish black leather carrying cashes to travel pouches (which come in a choice of colors), lanyards and chargers. There’s also a very thoughtful teeth whitening kit, which, to date, I haven’t seen elsewhere on other Vaping websites!

epuffer robusto cuban ecigar

E-Puffer Starter Kits

First is the Snaps Magnum Starter Kit, which comes complete with 5 premium tobacco flavor cartridges, which gives you enough puffs to compare to 30 regular cigs, 2 high capacity lithium batteries, a USB charger, and a universal AC2USB adapter. At the time of writing, the website is also offering a bonus multi cartomizer 6-pack.

We also couldn’t write an ePuffer review without mentioning the Magnum Snaps case. ePuffer’s electronic cigarettes come in portable charging case that resembles a box of cigarettes. Talk about chic!

The packaging is sleek and sophisticated and the snap magnet works like a dream-as does the throat hit!

Next is the Ecigar 650 Starter Kit, which comes with 2 high capacity lithium batteries, at 650mAh, a universal AC/USB charger, a USB charger which offers overcharge protection (an excellent idea and addition!), and 2 premium tobacco flavour atomized cartridges containing nicotine. The device is very sleek to the touch and ergonomic-and designed to be so, with mouthpiece protection which also affords comfort while vaping. The cartridges last a long time, and provide excellent vape.

I really enjoyed the Cuban Cigar flavor, and found that it was one of the most realistic flavors I’ve tried.
The Electronic Pipe 605 Rev-2 Starter Kit comes in a distinctly classic looking dark wood case with red lining and the pipe itself is real wood, just like grandpa smoked! The kit comes complete with an e-pipe bowl and 2 lithium rechargeable and removable batteries, a universal AC/USB adapter and USB charger and 3 high capacity premium flavored atomized cartridges, each offering up to 900 puffs.

The Ecigar 900 Starter Kit features an enhanced version of the earlier 600 device, which proved extremely popular with vapers. It boasts both longer lasting battery life post recharging and more puffs (up to 900). The kit comes complete with 3 premium flavour atomized nicotine cartridges, a universal AC/USB charger, 2 high capacity 900mAh batteries (rechargeable) and USB charger featuring overcharge protection. The device itself comes about as close as you can to a real cigar without actually smoking one and has great vapor and really excellent battery life after charging. The taste is excellent, as well.

XPOD – Mini Vape Pod Review

ePuffer’s XPOD Mini Vape Pod is a sleeker, cooler version of an e-cigarette with just a much battery power, but just as little fuss. The 280mAh battery lasts about 300 puffs, and at the end of the day, you can just toss the entire package away in the bin. The pods are filled with nicotine salt e-liquid either in mango, tobacco, or menthol, and with a 50/50 blend, you’ll get the perfect throat hit. Best of all, there is a glowing LED butt to mimic a real cigarette. Even without the light on the end though, you might not even know the difference between a puff on this pod and a draw on a real cigarette.

Try the XPOD Today!


ePuffer Prices

  • Disposable Eco E-Cigarettes: $9.95
  • Snaps Magnum Starter Kit: $49.95
  • Phantom HD3 Vaporizer Starter-Kit: $34.95
  • Ecigar 650 Starter Kit: $69.95
  • Ecigar 900 Starter Kit: $79.95
  • Robusto Disposable Cuban E-cigar: $21.95
  • Churchil D-1800 Cuban E-cigar: $19.95
  • Churchil D-500 E-cigar: $12.95
  • Ecigar 900 Starter Kit: $79.95
  • Ecigar 900 Starter Kit: $79.95
  • Electronic Pipe 605 Rev-2 Starter Kit: $89.95
  • Electronic Pipe 629 Rev-2 Starter Kit: $169.95
  • Premium E-Liquid 30ml: $19.95
  • Premium E-Liquid 30ml in Clearance Section: $7.95!!!
  • Premium E-Hookah: 99.95$
  • Titan Hybrid Vaporizer (Mini Box-Mod): 69.95$

Shipping & Warranty

Free First Class shipping is offered of orders totaling or in excess of $50 to Canada and the US. The Epuffer website states that all orders received by 2PM EST will be immediately dispatched and Epuffer is very well regarded for its speedy delivery.

ePuffer- eco disposable e-cig

ePuffer Review Summary

So, that’s all for our ePuffer review. Epuffer offers a range of excellent products, which boast good battery life, excellent performance and vape production and a host of good features, such as the intelligent overcharge protection. Some of the ejuice flavors are among the best around as well. All in all, a great range of products from a top e-cigs company.

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