E-Liquid Nicotine Levels

There’s no question at all that every new vaper, with the exception of those that are exclusively using disposable devices, will need to educate themselves about e-liquid. Not to worry, we have you covered when it comes to all things Australian e-liquid. This is the liquid that will refill your rechargeable device and you won’t get very far without it! Many different choices of flavour are available and this can seem somewhat dazzling at first. If you require nicotine content in your e-liquid, then there are a number of different factors to be aware of and take into account when buying your e-liquid.

You will first need to determine what nicotine strength you want in your e-liquid, and this can appear hard with the range of choice available. You will most often see manufacturers display on their e-liquid bottles nicotine measurements in either mg or %. The former is possible more common, so, if you are new to vaping, let’s quickly go through what the different “mg” levels might mean for you and how they might equate to your previous-or current level of cigarette smoking to give an idea of what strength of nicotine e-liquid might be the best choice for you.

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Nicotine Levels in E-Liquids

Take a look in any store, whether physical or online, and you’ll see e-liquid nicotine strengths in a range, typically from 0 (for those who, naturally enough, don’t want any nicotine in their e-liquid) up to 24mg, with various denominations in between. We’ll break those down in more detail in a minute. Bear in mind that you can probably find some higher strength nicotine e-liquids out there than 24mg, although such strengths are getting more and more rare, and perhaps inadvisable. To be absolutely certain that you have trustable levels of nicotine in your e-liquid and that the manufacturing has been to a high level, always buy rom a reputable source and manufacturer that many other customers have rated and recommended before, including great brands like Halocigs.

So, if you are looking to e-cigs and e-liquids to help you kick the smoking habit, what levels of nicotine should you look for in your e-liquid?

  1. For those heavier smokers and former smokers, or perhaps smokers who are used to cigarettes with a high nicotine content, a 12-18mg nicotine content might be the place to start. Remember, if you start too low, you can always work upwards, whereas if you overestimate your nicotine level, you might experience some unpleasant sensations, including nausea and headaches.
  2. For those who smoked lightly to moderately, look to a 6mg nicotine e-liquid, particularly if you have, or plan to get, an atomizer. The 6mg level is also a wise jumping-in point for former users of nicotine gum.
  3. Those who have been vaping for a while and are working down with a view to quitting smoking/nicotine consumption altogether, or those who are just looking to be causal and recreational vapers, might not realize that e-lqiuids come in a 0mg nicotine content. For such users, flavour is the much more important consideration and for many ex-smokers, the flavour is what helps eventually wean them off the nicotine hit. If you are looking to work down from lighter smoking, you could start at 3mg and reduce frequency before switching down to 0mg.

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Time to Refill Your E-Liquid?

When you need to refill your e-cig tank with nicotine e-liquid, keep in mind the amount of nicotine in your purchased e-liquid. In general, you can assume that there are approximately 20 drops in each milliliter of liquid, so if you have purchased a nicotine e-liquid with a nicotine strength of 24mg, every single drop of liquid would contain 1.2mg of nicotine. Therefore, for each 3 drops of liquid in your e-cigarette, you would be taking in 3.6mg of nicotine.

You should bear in mind as well that there are a number of different issues which will affect the amount of nicotine absorbed by your body during a vaping session. This will of course also have an impact on any sensations you might feel as a result. Such factors will include the duration of your vaping sessions as well as your frequency, the amount of nicotine your e-cig actually vaporizes and the density of the nicotine in your e-liquid. You might actually only absorb half of the nicotine anyway, but if you absorb more than you are used to, you could experienced some dizziness, headaches or nausea, so don’t get too carried away!