Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are ever growing in popularity for those who are looking to quit smoking and replace the regular cigarette with a smoke-free alternative. E-cigarettes are powered by a battery and they transform liquid, which can contain nicotine (although the liquid can also be nicotine free) into a vapour, which the user inhales. The liquid can also be flavoured, as per the user’s choice. There are a wide variety of e-cigarettes and other such devices on the market to suit different tastes and requirements. So let’s take a closer look at some of the different types of e-cigarettes available on the market.

Electronic Cigarettes

Rechargeable E-Cigarettes

In general, you can find two main types of rechargeable e-cigarette: the 3-piece design and the 2-piece design. The 3-piece design has a battery, separate atomizer and a chamber, where you can pour your e-liquid. This can be an advantage, as it allows the user to experiment with the many different flavours on offer, as well as alter the resistance of the atomizer. Some experienced users of e-cigarette devices tend to lean towards the 3-piece design, and a device called the eGo device in particular. There are disadvantages with the 3-piece design, however. The user must change the atomizer themselves and refill the e-liquid. As a result, some newer e-cigarette users tend to lean more towards the 2-piece design, which can simply be charged and used. Some device can even be connected to your computer’s USB port in order to be charged. Two-piece e-cigarettes include a battery and a cartomizer, which is a sealed unit containing the atomizer and e-liquid cartridge. As a result of this design, the user only needs to replace the cartomizer when the e-liquid runs out.


Many users seem to feel that this range of e-cigarettes are of better quality than the standard sorts of rechargeable e-cigarettes. As a result, they tend to be favoured by those who are heavier smokers. Potential users have a great dela of choice with this range when it comes to style, size and colour and they also tend to be easier to use than personal vapourizers. They are also reputed to produce the most vapour and throat “hit”.

VaporFi Pro Kit

Personal Vapourizers

This type of e-cigarette is really lifting e-cigarettes to a higher level of style, choice and sophistication. The rising level of popularity of e-cigarettes has lifted the demand for a greater user experience, which has driven both the quality and range of available devices. Personal vaporizers consist firstly of a battery, which can be either a wattage of variable voltage battery, thereby letting the user select his or her ideal power level. Secondly, there is an atomizer, which can be a sealed or unsealed unit, the latter allowing the user to personally alter the heat or resistance levels. Thirdly, there is a reservoir, which houses the e-liquid. E-liquid come in a range of flavours and can be either off-the-shelf or self mixed. New user might consider starting with a different, simpler device than the personal vapourizer, as the many different factors which can make it so enjoyable for experienced user can make it more frustrating for the newer user, as well as making it hard to produce a satisfying vapour to make the experience worthwhile.

Apollo E-cigar


E-cigars have shaken off their rather gimmicky reputation to come right alongside the e-cigarette. The only real main difference between the two is now the way they look, with both devices functioning the same way. However, e-liquid flavours for the e-cigar are amended to satisfy cigar smokers accordingly.

Apollo Disposable E-Cigs Boxes

Disposable E-Cigarettes

Disposable e-cigarettes are another interesting type for user, perhaps the more causal or time-pressed user. They work in exactly the same manner are the rechargeable type of e-cigarette with exactly the same make-up and components. However, unlike the rechargeable type, the disposable e-cigarette unit is entirely closed, which means that once you have run out of either vapour or battery, you must dispose of the unit and get a new one, just as you would with a packet of traditional cigarettes. Of course, the main advantage of these disposable devices is their convenience-you can simply buy them and throw them away once you have used them, with no fuss or maintenance required. You can also simply start smoking them right out of the box with no assembly necessary. While these benefits might be ideal for less experienced users and those looking to dip their toes into the e-cigarette world, you don’t really get the same quality of parts and user experience as you would with other products, as they are made to last only a brief time.

Of course many companies, such as South Beach Smoke sell a complete range of many different types of e-cigarette, so you can peruse what’s available and make your choice based on your requirements.