E-Cigarette Parts Guide

Vape Australia believes that in order to make the best purchase, Australian vapers need to familiarize yourself with the key parts of your e-cig. For the vast majority of everyday e-cigarette users, e-cigarette parts generally refer to three main aspects: The e-liquid, the battery and the cartridge that holds the e-liquid. Let’s take a closer look at these three parts of the e-cigarette.

E-liquid Flavors


E-liquid can be thought of as the essential fuel for your e-cigarette device. Also known as e-juice, it tends to be a mixture of flavour and nicotine (although can also be nicotine free) and a base to keep everything together. When the user starts the e-cigarette, the e-liquid is vapourized and the user can inhale it. E-liquid can be bought in a wide range of flavours, so most users should have no difficulty in finding something they like.

E-liquids also come in a range of different nicotine strengths for those who require nicotine. In e-liquids, nicotine strengths are generally measured in milligrams of nicotine per milliliter of liquid, which is typically expressed as “mg/ml”. In general, for use who are typically light smokers, perhaps less than half a pack of traditional cigarettes a day, a nicotine level of 6mg/ml night be advisable.

For those who smoke a little more, but not heavily, perhaps somewhere between half a pack and a whole pack per day, a liquid nicotine level of 12mg/ml should work. For those who are heavy smokers, perhaps averaging more than a pack of cigarettes every day, a level of 18mg/ml would be a recommended starting point. Beyond this, for those who consider themselves a chain smoker, look to a nicotine level of 24mg/ml in your e-liquid. It will be very difficult to find higher strength e-liquid nicotine than this at a reputable seller. If you are concerned about e-cigarette parts, it can be a good idea to begin with a starter kit, which will always contain e-liquid. Users will need to replace their e-liquid more often than perhaps any other of their e-cigarette parts.

Tobacco Box Cartos


This e-cigarette part is known by several different names: A cartridge, cartomizer, clearomizer or tank. Whichever name you hear, though, all operate in the same way and produce the same result. This is the e-cigarette part that both holds your e-liquid and also enables its vaporization so that you (the user) can inhale it.

The cartridge contains a small piece known as an “atomizer” and this is the part that actually vapourizes the e-liquid. When you start puffing on your device, liquid is fed from the cartomizer onto the atomizer through small wicks. As many users will know, cartridges can be extremely exasperating because there are a lot of things that can go wrong with them. Don’t skimp on this electronic cigarette part and you will be rewarded with a much better than average user life. A good quality cartridge will also enhance both the flavour and quality of your vapour.

Battery Life Calculation


The battery is the last-and crucial component of the electronic cigarette parts and it gives the device the necessary power to fire up the atomizer and cause the e-liquid to vapourize. In general, the battery is not a hard piece of the puzzle to understand. If you have a bigger batter, it will have a longer life and will help your device to generate more vapour. Battery size can, however, depend on personal user preference, with some users favoring mini e-cigs due to the fact that these devices more closely imitate the traditional cigarette smoking experience. Some devices will also allow the user to alter the battery’s power output during puffing, while others have modified batteries which, while huge and remarkable long lasting, are anything but portable.

There are several factors about e-cigarette batteries that are different besides how big they are. Let’s take a look at them:

  • mAH-which means “milli-ampere hours. This tells the user how much total energy your battery can hold. Again, it is quite simple: The higher the mAH figure, the longer your battery will hold its charge.
  • Automatic or manual? This has caused quit a lot of discussion among e-cigarette device user, and, more recently, manual batteries have emerged as the more well-liked option. The difference between the two is that with a manual battery, the user must push a button during their inhalation, while an automatic battery will begin the vapourization process as soon as the user begins inhaling. Typically, manual batteries are able to hold their change for longer and help to produce more vapour than automatic batteries. As manual batteries are also considered generally safer, they are more widely recommended as an electronic cigarette part than an automatic battery.
  • The final factor is voltage, which tells the user how much energy the battery can put out. Because of this, if the user’s battery has a higher voltage, their device’s atomizer will get much hotter and, as a consequence, will produce much more, and much hotter, vapour. The average voltage for e-cigarette device batteries has been 3.7, however, there are models now that allow the user to adjust the voltage, letting you find your ideal “vape” setting.

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