How to Choose CBD Capsules in Australia? – 2024


What Is a CBD Capsule?

CBD capsules are a novel form of cannabinoids emerging on the market. In Australia, cannabinol is legal which has made the availability and quality of CBD capsules increase exponentially. The capsules are made from cannabinol that is extracted from female hemp and cannabis plants. This cannabinol is combined with a carrier oil such as olive oil or hemp oil. You can purchase this type of CBD as a capsule or a softgel.

CBD capsules are praised by consumers because the intake can be measured exactly, unlike other products that may make it more difficult or less precise. The only downside is the effect of bioavailability. Your body will absorb six to fifteen percent of the cannabinoids, however this affect can combatted by altering the dosage.

The CBD capsules currently available on the market begin at 10mg with 250mg at the highest. It is recommended that first time users start with small dosages and work their way up as needed. The other dosages available include 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. Continue reading

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Use of CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are multi-purpose product. You can purchase these capsules to target a specific issue or for general use. Some commons uses for CBD capsules include:

  • Reduce Pain
    CBD capsules have been known to reduce inflammation and chronic by activating the receptors in the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for managing functions such as pain and immune system response.
  • Protect Body & Brain
    As previously mentioned, the activation of the endocannabinoid system helps the body in a variety of ways including regulating sleep and appetite. Cannabinol also has properties that alleviate stress which improves the overall health of the consumer. The CBD works to counteract the effects of harmful molecules in the body and even prevent possible future diseases.
  • Thwart Anxiety & Depression
    Cannabinoids in general are an incredible resource for combatting anxiety and depression. This is achieved by activating the serotonin receptors in the brain. The capsules role is to better regulate the intake of the consumer and to make receiving treatment more convenient.
  • Relieve Cancer-Related Symptoms
    Cannabinol capsules provide cancer patients with a natural way to reduce cancer or chemotherapy systems such as nausea, vomiting and other aches and pains. Some studies have shown that CBD can even go as far as to hinder the growth of cancer cells.
  • Combat Psychotic Disorders
    CBD capsules are favored in place of other pharmaceuticals because the capsules do not have serious side effects. The capsules will provide the consumer with the same treatment and benefits as the typical clinical options, but without the negative ramifications like headaches and nausea.
  • Dietary Supplement
    CBD capsules are a digestive aid with a multitude of vitamins and minerals that work to regulate a healthy appetite.

Benefits of CBD Capsule

The benefits of CBD capsules go far beyond being a healthy and natural supplement. CBD capsules are discreet and convenient. Unlike other forms that may require certain instruments for consumption, the CBD capsules appear to be just another supplement. Further, the capsules have no distinct taste. This is favorable for many consumers who do not enjoy the added flavors or certain scents. The CBD capsules also have longer-lasting affects due to the method of consumption. These affects produce powerful and effective results in alleviating pain and activating receptors. This means that with CBD capsules, you will not have to purchase or consume a large quantity to experience the benefits. You can purchase capsules and softgels that target specific receptors such as those in your nervous system or capsules that tell your brain to produce more serotonin. There are other CBD capsules that simply regulate and stimulate the endocannabinoid system which will affect various different areas of the body and brain. Finally, despite a common misconception, CBD capsules will not get you high and they are not addictive. In fact, CBD capsules are known to counteract the effects of THC like lethargy and drowsiness. The CBD will ensure that those effects will not become too strong. Therefore, you will only experience the health benefits.

How to Choose the Best CBD Capsule?

The right CBD capsule for you really depends on what you need it for and how severe the problem is. However, there are some basic qualities you should look for when choosing the best CBD capsule for you:

  • Origin
    Quality CBD capsules will come from non-GMO cannabis plants. This means that the farms don’t use fertilizer or spray their plants with pesticides. You can find this information on the bottle or on the company’s website.
  • Extra Ingredients
    Some capsules with contain extra beneficial ingredients such as zinc or potassium. If you are looking for an extra kick or benefit, then you can narrow down your search by looking for CBD capsules that also include specific ingredients that will bolster your desired results.
  • Capsule vs Softgel
    Choosing between softgels and capsules really depends on your personal preference. If you opt for a softgel, it is best to choose one with an olive or hemp oil base because they are more natural.
  • Extraction Process
    The best CBD products come from cannabinoids that have been extracted using the CO2 process. This extracts a high concentration of CBD without any chemicals. CBD that has been extracted using ethanol or hexane is not as effective.
  • Third-Party Testing
    It is best to use products that have been tested by a third party because the results will be impartial and truthful.
  • Certification of Analysis
    A certification of analysis indicates that the product has undergone various tests that detail the CBD’s strength and quality among other things.
  • Aftertaste
    Some capsules and softgels will have a distinct, and sometimes unpleasant, aftertaste. During your search, read over some customer reviews to see if a product you are interested might possess this quality.
  • CBD Content
    The CBD content of capsules is measured in milligrams and varies on a scale of 10mg to 250 mg capsules. You can refine your search by specifying the dosage you believe is right for you.
  • THC Content
    Some capsules may have hints of THC in them which will be stated on the label. However, it is recommended that consumers use 100% CBD capsules.
  • Odor
    Odor is a quality that is completely discretionary. If it is something you believe may bother you, there are odorless options on the market.