2024 Australian E-Juice Guide

E-juice, also known as e-liquid, is the liquid that is used in e-cigarette cartridges to produce the vapour inhaled by users. Because e-liquid is the second most important aspect of your vaping experience (aside from the device itself), we have provided an all-inclusive guide to Aussie vape juice. The liquid itself typically contains three main components: An agent, which produces the vapour, nicotine (but not necessarily), for those who are looking to replace traditional smoking and flavourings, which now come in a dazzling array of choice. With the exception of nicotine, all of these components would be regarded as being safe for use in food products.

The two principal agents that are used to create the vapour in r-juice are PG, or propylene glycol (this is the most commonly used) and VG, or vegetable glycol, which is typically used by those who have allergies.

PG, in general, results in sweeter-tasting juice and not as much vapour, whereas Vg produces more vapour and in general is less sweet-tasting. Occasionally, PG and VG will be mixed together .

E-juice can be bought in a range of different strengths where nicotine content is concerned, and levels can range from 0% nicotine up to 4.8% nicotine, although it is getting much more difficult to find such high concentrations.

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Determining E-juice Strength

Deciding how strong you want your e-juice to be depends on a number of different things. In general, the feeling seems to be that if you smoke 1 pack of cigarettes a day, a nicotine content of 1.2% in your e-juice should be sufficient. For new users, it might be a good idea to buy a bottle of 24mg e-juice and another bottle of 0% nicotine juice so that you can dilute it down as appropriate to your taste.

Concerns About E-juice Taste

Some new users of e-juice might have concerns that it will taste like a genuine cigarette, which might not be a good thing for those using e-cigarettes and e-juice to try and quit smoking. However, liquid do not taste like a real cigarette because, unlike the act of traditional smoking, there is no combustion. However, you can buy e-juice in a wide range of flavours, so have a look and find a flavour or flavours you think you would enjoy. Of course, with such a wide variety of flavours to choose from, you can switch at any time if you get bored with one. Buy small bottles until you find a flavour you like and remember that flavour tastes of even the same listed flavours can vary between different manufacturers. Companies such as vaporfi produce a wide range of interesting and original flavours that customers appreciate, keeping the experience new and fresh.

Storing Your E-juice

It is always best to store your e-juice in a dry and cool place, away from exposure to direct sunlight. A lot of suppliers put their e-juice into glass, coloured bottles as this can help lessen the liquid’s sunlight exposure. However. It is advisable to store any liquid you are not currently using in a closed box in order to limit possible exposure to sunlight. Keep an eye also on the manufacture and expiration dates on bottles of e-juice. Most e-juice tends to expire two years after the date of manufacture. Remember also to keep all of your e-juice out of the reach of all children and pets.

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Alternative E-juice Use

With the vast majority of personal vapers, you do not actually need to use a cartridge, and in many of them you can just wet the atomizer’s coil with your e-juice and vape. With atomizer coils that are buried inside their housing, you can simply drip between 3 and 4 drops of e-juice straight onto the coil. With an exposed coil, you can just dip the coil into your e-juice and leave it for a second or so. In general, by doing this, you will get around the same amount of puffs and you would get from one cigarette.

Are Liquid Bases Safe?

The most commonly used liquid bases, both PG and VG, are common food additives and are also used in a range of pharmaceutical formulations. PG is on the US FDA’s list of substances that are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). PG and VG liquids are the carriers that provide the user with nicotine, although users can also choose non-nicotine content liquids. Base liquid produce visible smoking simulation when they are used in an e-cigarette device.