2024’s Australian E-Liquid Vaporizers Guide

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Using a vaporizer in Australia can seem a murky, grey area, seeing as though Australian law does not get updated according to the very latest technological advancements and developments. As a result, it is crucial for vapers in Australia to be aware of the situation as regards using a vaporizer in Australia. For more information on what it means to vapourise in Australia, Vape Australia has already provided an article on Australian law regarding vaping.

Most people who want to use a vaporizer are looking to quit smoking and want something that many see as a safer alternative, as well as something that is much less financially draining. They might also have tried other avenues and failed, for various reasons. So, let’s look a little about getting and using vaporizers in Australia.

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This is where there is quite a bit of legal confusion regarding vaporizing in Australia, and perhaps much of the confusion derives from the fact that the early vaporizer models in Australia, and elsewhere, really resembles cigarettes and were definitely e-cigs. They are still widely available, often called “cig-a-like” devise, but some retailers now no longer sell them. They look just like a real cigarette, contain nicotine and even have a glowing tip when the user inhales, to resemble the act of a glowing cig end.

Nowadays, however, vaporizers in Australia and abroad can function by vaporizing either nicotine or non-nicotine liquid, and they definitely do not look like cigarettes. The majority of vaporizers now are bigger than previously, and more closely resemble big pens.

Importantly for understanding the vaporizer situation in Australia, one needs to realize that no such devices have received the endorsement of the country’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and for this reason, vaporizers in Australia may not be legally sold in the country if the vendor makes any therapeutic claims about the product, such as “this device can help you to stop smoking). In Australia, vaporizers, where they do not have the approval of the TGA, may only be sold as recreational devices, although users may still buy such devices in order to use them with a view to attempting to quit smoking.

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Vaporizers in Australia have a couple of options when it comes to buying their vaporizers. They can:

  • Buy a vaporizer from a local store. The vendor will have imported their vaporizers, and will need to ensure that such devices are not represented as providing any sort of treatment or “therapy”. The vendor is also not permitted to sell and liquids that contain nicotine.
  • Vapers in Australia can also purchase a vaporizer from abroad, as long as the supplier is not selling their devices as a therapeutic aids. You can easily bring your vaporizer into Australia until the Personal Importation Scheme.

It is possible that the TGA has safety concerns regarding the amounts of nicotine delivered by vaporizers, perhaps regarding the doses as unreliable, as well as the leaking of nicotine. Of course, this is a debate between manufacturers and authorities, but, as a user or potential user, you should also naturally be concerned about such issues. Therefore, only consider purchasing a vaporizer from a reputable source with an excellent and verifiable track record, such as Vaper Empire.

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E-liquid for Vaporizers in Australia

This can be quite involved on a state-by-state basis, but look in more detail at the Personal Importation Scheme (PIS):

  • In some states, you will need a doctor’s prescription to buy nicotine e-liquid, unless you personally bring it in as a passenger on a boat or plane
  • The liquid must either be for your personal use or that of your immediate family members
  • At any one time, there is a maximum importation amount of a 3-months’ supply, and this is at the maximum recommended dose as stipulated by the manufacturer.
  • In any one-year period, you cannot import more than a 15-months’ supply.

Vapers in Australia, therefore, have two ways to get hold of nicotine e-liquid: Travel abroad and bring the e-liquid back in their luggage, which is legal; and/or buy from a reputable online supplier such as Vaper empire and import small amounts via mail. This second option is a legal grey area in some states.

Remember, vaping has been used by many people to quit, in Australia and elsewhere, and some, including some healthcare professionals, feel that it should be made available widely as a smoking secession aid. However, this is disputed by other authorities, and inhaling liquid nicotine might pose health benefits, as the effects of vaping have yet to be fully investigated. As with any activity, vaping in Australia should be undertaken with caution and an informed mindset.