The Best Dry Herb Atomizer for 2024

Today you can vape more than just e-liquid. You can also vape dry herbs like valerian root, medical marijuana, and even lavender. However, vaporisers intended specifically for dry herbs are expensive and difficult to find. Instead, we recommend using a dry herb atomizer. Dry herb atomizers don’t cost significantly more than a standard e-liquid tank, and they will work with the mods you already own saving you loads of money.

How to Find the Best Dry Herb Atomizer?

You want to make sure that your tank is made of glass and that your bowl is made out of either ceramic or stainless steel if there is no glass filter. Glass, stainless steel, and ceramic are able to withstand the high temperatures required for dry herb vaping. Of course, each of them have their disadvantages as well. Glass is fragile, stainless steel is heavy and expensive, and ceramic is difficult to clean. In any case though, stay away from plastics and softer metals. If they begin to melt or warp under the heat, you could inhale dangerous chemicals. You’ll also want to make sure the dry herb atomizer can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning. Dry Herb Atomizers perhaps even more so than e-liquid atomizers can get clogged. While you should be changing the mesh filter regularly, if you’re not also thoroughly cleaning the device, you’ll end up with a mess after a few weeks.

Our Top Dry Herb Atomizer Brands List:

The Best Dry Herb Atomizer with Sub-Ohm Capacity

This dry herb atomizer is made out of high-grade pyrex glass with a ceramic bowl. These heat-resistant materials will hold up to even the highest temperatures leaving your vapour tasting clean and pure. The tank is clear, so you can easily tell how much of your flower is cooked and how many puffs you have left. The silicone mouthpiece will protect your lips from the heat, and the spring on the end of it will help you push down the dry herbs so that they are evenly cooked. The Sub-Herb Dry Herb Vape Tank works by conduction, so none of the coils are exposed and no combustion is involved. Since this tank has a 510 connection, you can pop it on top of any of your standard mods. When you’re done, completely disassemble the tank for easy clean up!

This tank only takes 3 seconds to heat up. Then I’m ready to vape. I’ve never found another vape that functions this efficiently. Way to go, Mig Vapor!
-Jilly B.

I only got this atomizer a few weeks ago, but I use it every single day. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It always gets the job done no matter what.
-Meghan T.

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The Best Dry Herb Atomizer With Bubbler

This atomizer looks like it came straight from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory because of its whimsical design, but don’t be fooled. It works wonderfully. Although the La Queef looks like it uses convection heat, it does, in fact, use conduction. You load the dry herbs into the ceramic bowl in the bottom and use the pick to push it down so that the heat distributes evenly. The bubbler piece is meant to balance out the heat so that it’s not quite so intense. So, when you inhale, you’re not overwhelmed by the temperature of the vapour. Be warned ahead of time with this dry herb atomizer. It works extremely well! You’ll feel it quite intensely even after only one hit.

The hits are sooo smooth!! You’ll never get a dry hit again with La Queef!
-Barbara C.

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These dry herb vaporisers are tried and true. They are powerful and efficient. Just pop them onto your favourite mod battery and vape away. Make sure, though, to read the label carefully. Dry Herb atomizers cannot vape at extremely high wattage levels, and if you don’t heed instructions, your atomizers or tank will likely break.