E-Liquid Usage in Australia

With e-cigarettes growing in popularity, it makes sense, if you are thinking about buying an e-cig device to take a closer look at e-liquids, as they are an integral part of the whole vaping experience. E-liquids, including e-liquids in Australia, come in a wide range of different flavours, from traditional tobacco flavours, for those who still want to retain that connection to traditional cigarettes, to more exotic tastes, including drink and dessert flavours. They can be found at reputable, popular companies such as Vaper Empire. It doesn’t matter what type of e-cigarette you have or how expensive it might be, if your e-liquid is of sub-standard quality, or you simply don’t enjoy the flavour, your vaping experience will be greatly diminished, or, at worst, completely ruined. So let’s get a more in-depth look at e-liquids and see what e-liquid user in Australia can and should expect from their juice.

E-liquid Flavors

E-Liquid in Australia Defined

E-liquid can also be known in Australia as e-juice and smoke juice, in case you run the risk of becoming confused with unfamiliar terminology. Whatever you call it. E-liquid, in Australia and elsewhere, is composed of two base parts called Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG), along with flavours, which can be artificial, natural or organic. E-liquid helps to create the users vaping experience by both lending flavour and being heated to the correct temperature, which leads to the creation of a mist vapour, which the user then inhales, via their e-cigarette device. The flavourings that are used in E-liquid are generally the same as the ones used in food products. E-liquid in Australia does not contain nicotine due to the country’s laws.

E-Liquid Affordability

Australian users of e-cigarettes and e-liquids generally begin their usage by buying refill cartridges which come fully filled which they then later refill once it has run out. However, e-liquid can also be bought by the bottle, which can often be a much cheaper way of buying it. E-liquid cartridges in Australia typically tend to hold 1ml of e–liquid, at a cost of between AUS$2-3 each. By contrast, those who buy their e-liquid by the bottle in Australia will generally tend to pay roughly AUS$1 per litre. It might not sound like it when you hear the description of buying bottles, cartridges and refills, but actually, using e-liquid in Australia with an e-cigarette device is much cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes. You can also enjoy a much wider range of flavours!

E-liquid Sensations

The term “throat hit” will likely be well known to more experienced vapers, but those newer to vaping might not have heard the term before. A throat hit is literally what you feel at the back of your throat when you inhale the vapour from your e-cigarette device. In generally, the more throat hit you get from your device, the more using e-liquid and your device will likely mimic smoking real cigarettes. A couple of things that can influence the level of throat hit you will feel from your e-liquid include the e-liquid base use and what voltage your e-cigarette device is.

Getting Vapour

The term vapour production basically means the quantity of vapour your e-liquid yields. This is a crucial factor for all e-liquids. The majority of e-liquid users in Australia-and elsewhere-tend to favour mmore vapour rather than less, as this more closely mimics the act of real smoking. In order to influence the amount of vapour production, check the voltage at which your e-cigarette device is set, as well as the ratio of PG/VG base used in your e-liquid. Many vapers favour using a decent PG/VG blend to create their vapour, however VG-based e-liquids typically yield a thicker vapour.
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Why E-liquid?

You might ask yourself why should people use e-liquid and e-cigarettes in Australia. The main reason is that regular cigarette smoke comprises in excess of 4000 toxic chemicals, whereas in contrast, the ingredient list in e-liquids is very small. Make sure that the e-liquid you use is food or pharmaceutical grade and the vapour should be much less harmful the than traditional tobacco smoke produced by regular cigarettes. Of course, research into the effects of vaping is still ongoing, but there have been interesting new studies and official reports which hint at postentially exciting times for vapers and those looking to use them, especially those who are looking to use e-cigarettes and e-liquid to quit smoking.

Importing E-liquid in Australia

In Australia, you are permitted by law to import up a supply of up to 3 months worth at any one time and the total quantity of your imported orders much not exceed a 15 months supply within a 12-month period.

E-liquid Side Effects?

Side effects can be difficult to attribute to e-liquid alone, however possibly the most commonly-reported side-effect of inhaling e-liquids that are not nicotine based is a dry mouth. This is are a result of PG’s hygroscopic qualities. As a result, vapers should remember to sip water on a regular basis while vaping.