2024’s Aussie Vape Mods Guide

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The first thing to say in introducing vape mods is that it is an extremely good idea to have gained a fair degree of experience with vape pens before you begin experimenting with vape pen mods. They are great for those who have been using vaporizing devices for a while and now want a more sophisticated device. Because there are simply so many different types of mod vape pens, the whole mod world can appear somewhat perplexing in the beginning. We are looking to take all the mystery out of vape mods for Australian vapourisers with our article here on everything modding—so you never have guess on the best mod for you. First of all, there are mechanical mods, and unregulated mods, such as variable wattage and variable voltage mods.
For those looking to make the step up to vape mods, let’s look at some of the ins and outs and benefits.

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Vape Mod Evolution

Vape mod vaporizer devices came into being due to the fact that past vaporizer pens suffered from a lack of functionality and insufficient battery power. You simply couldn’t get them to last long enough, do enough or product enough vapour. What followed was that users began experimenting with common household electrical objects, such as torches, and combined them with their vape pens. The result was modified, powered-up version of the original vape pens that had much more battery power and increased functions and usability. As the craze began to sweep through the various vaping communities, developers and manufacturers latched onto the growing trend and produced professional varieties of these modified vape pens. Due to advances, the mods of today are far in advance of what went before, and so are vape pens generally, including those produced by companies such as JACVapor and Vaporfi. Vape pens lead on from e-cigs and vape pen mods are a step up again, offering such plusses as enhanced battery life, increased flavour and throat hit and improved taste and flavour.

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Vape pen mods are a great way for the user to get increased functionality and significantly longer battery life out of their device. Performance is much better, as the user will typically also get much more vapour production per puff as a result of the improved performance and power. You can get vape mods that let the user completely tailor their vaping session by altering voltage and wattage as they please, which allow user to alter the heat of the vape as well as the amount of vapour produced. Your choices of mods include variable wattage and voltage, rebuildable dripping atomizers or rebuildable atomizers, mod charges, multiple-sized batteries, sub-ohm vaping and various different types of wick.

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Varieties of Vape Mods

The first to type to look as is the mechanical vape pen mod, which is, basically, a casing into which you insert batteries. You then attach the atomizer of your choice in order to vapourize your juice. Regular clearomizers may also be attached, however a lot of users enjoy building their own coils. Remember, a mechanical mod is completely stripped-down and contains no complex internal working which stop your battery from overheating and also restrict wattage and voltage. As you can see, the mech mod route is very much one for advanced users, as it can clearly be dangerous if you aren’t experienced and have some knowledge of voltage and resistance. Mechanical mods are also known as “unregulated mods”.

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Regulated Mods

By contrast, mods that are variable voltage and wattage mods are regarded as “regulated”. The “regulated” part refers to the fact that these device have inbuilt circuitry that work as a safety feature to prevent your battery short-circuiting and some even offer overcharge protection.

Measuring Vape Mod Power

On vape pens mods, you will find two power measurements: variable wattage and variable voltage. These basically help you achieve similar aims, but get there in different ways. There will be definite differences when you come to customize your pen, and which direction you take will determine your vaping style and experience and what you prefer.

Choosing variable voltage will enable you alter the current, basically enabling you to turn the temperature up or down depending on whether you turn the voltage up or down. Either will give you a very different vaping experience and will give you control and flexibility over vapour production and flavour. You might well, though, need to calibrate your voltage when you change your atomizer.

Variable wattage mods do the same thing, but in a more direct fashion. Variable wattage automatically changes your voltage in order to produce the wattage you want, allowing you, in effect, to “set and forget”.

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Vape Mod Atomizers

There are two principal types of atomizer you would use with a vape mod: A rebuildable atomizer (RBA) and a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). As the names imply, you will need to build the tank for each type, although they are different in the fact that with the RBA, there is a tank that will hold your e-juice, while the RDA requires that the user drip eliquid on the wicks while vaping.

An additional point is that clearomizers and cartomizers can also be used, as they are easier and don’t require users to build coils.

RBAs are definitely not for new users, and require that you have at least a rudimentary idea about coil construction. The RBA can be rebuilt and customized several times and has a large tank which can hold up to 5ml of e-liquid, which is more than twice as much as a normal clearomizer tank.
One of the clear benefits of this is the fact that you won’t need to keep adding extra juice, allowing you much longer vaping time between refills.

RDAs are basically versions of RBAs that have no tank and require the user to drip their required amount of liquid onto the atomizer’s wick. RDAs are good because they allow the user to change flavours very easily, although many say that the actual taste doesn’t vary much between RBAs and RDAs.