AU Vaporizers Guide

The continuing rise of the popularity of vaporizers has led to a seemingly ever-expanding market, which can confuse new customers when it comes to evaluating the best choice of vaporizers for them and their needs. This is an important point, too: There isn’t necessarily a vaporizer that is “the best”; vaporizers come in many shapes and sizes and the best vaporizers are the ones that suit the needs of those who buy them. Here are a few points to consider about vaporizers when you are deciding which types to buy.

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As stated, the market for vaporizers is huge-and still growing. As a result, prices can rang greatly, depending on make and model. As with many things, price can be equated with quality, there are a number of excellent quality models on the market from under $50, with the most expensive going for as much as around $700. Of course, you can certainly find even cheaper device on sale on Internet websites, although it should very much be a case of caveat emptor, as many of the much cheaper devices tend to be knock-offs (not clones) or simply made with cheaper, inferior materials. Such models will likely not come with a warranty, either, which is something to bear in mind. Take into account also that even the most expensive, deluxe model is not money well spent if it doesn’t suit your requirements and come with a whole range of functions that you’ll likely never use.

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Even the best-made, good quality products malfunction for various reasons from time to time, and for this reason it is important to have decent warranty service. If your malfunctioning vaporizer causes you to be without it for an appreciable length of time because of warranty and repair problems, you might be pulled back to smoking regular cigarettes to compensate for the lack of nicotine. Check several online reviews to check if previous customers have received decent warranty and after care, as this will give you peace of mind. Also, be sure that you read all of the terms and conditions of your vaporizer’s warranty carefully, as certain vaporizer parts are covered for different periods of time, and often shorter than the overall warranty period, while other parts of vaporizers are often not covered at all. This is especially true of glass parts. Volcano warranty is one of the best in the market.


Right alongside the warranty is reliability, and often if a manufacturer of vaporizers is confident in their product, one will come with the other. As a general rule (although by no means always), less complicated devices with fewer parts and functions will break less, as there are naturally fewer parts to malfunction. Check online reviews as well as respected vaping forums to see what existing users think, as this will give a decent indication of which vaporizers are considered the most reliable. We’ve found Apollo’s vaporizers very reliable.

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It is likely that you will not always wish to be tied to a precise place while vaping, so this is a definite consideration. It is true that many vaporizers can be taken from place to place, although many are designed specifically for their portability, so work out what your vaping needs are and where you are likely to be most often while vaping.


Right up there with portability, ease-of-use is a very important consideration for those who regularly use vaporizers. Some vaporizers require the use of both hands in order to be operated properly, while others do demand a certain level of dexterity. Take this into account also if you might be limited in where you can use your vaporizer. Also, more complicated, high-end vaporizers have many more functions than other types of device, so they will require a longer learning process in order to get the best out of them. If you just want something easy and simple, therefore, such expensive, complex vaporizers might not be the best choice.

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Vaporizers in general are considered extremely effective and efficient, although this can be counterbalanced by increased use. Often more efficient vaporizers are considered to be so because the user ensures that the vaporizer’s load is kept small along with a lower temperature of vaporization. This results in better taste and smoother vapor. Some user, though, want thicker vapor, however, this demands a higher vaporization temperature and often results in more rapid consumption and a harsher vapor. As ever, consider your requirements and priorities. Some vaporizers do come with the option of temperature control, which offers the user flexibility.


If you want to use a vaporizer in public but want to be discreet about it, then consider a device that is small and portable enough to be concealed quickly and easily, should you need to do so. Also, you can get vaporizers that look like other items, which is also useful if you are not seeking any attention.