How to Choose CBD Concentrates in Australia? – 2024

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What Is a CBD Concentrate?

CBD concentrates are a potent form of cannabinoid extracted from hemp plants. The extraction process is filtered and undergone in a manner that works to maintain the highest levels of CBD. Concentrates have gained popularity due to their high effectiveness with small amounts of the product. This particular type of cannabinoid can be produced and sold in many different forms:

  • CBD Isolates
    Isolates are the purest form of cannabinol on the market with products being upwards of 90% CBD. This type of CBD is popular among medicinal users due to its strength; however it has generated demand among recreational users and markets. Isolates are usually sold in powdered or crystal form and have a white hue. The crystal form is the most popular and more commonly identified type of CBD.
  • CBD Wax
    Cannabinol wax has a gooey texture with a yellowish coloring and is often charged with fruity flavors to enhance its taste. CBD wax is also commonly referred to as shatter, dabs, and crumbles by wholesalers and retailers. This form of cannabinoid concentrates is diverse because it can be consumed using a variety of methods and devices such as dab rigs and vape pens.

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Use of CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates are favored among consumers due to the products’ many uses. It first emerged on the market for medicinal purposes. The concentrates were said to have significantly positive effects on the symptoms of problems like arthritis, chronic pain, diabetes and migraines to name a few. Concentrates are so popular in these regards due to its easy means of consumption and the speed at which consumers will see a considerable difference.

Another use of CBD concentrate is for depression and anxiety. The product is said to have a beneficial effect on the consumers mood and overall demeanor during and after use. This is accomplished by the calming influence of the concentrate that permeates through the mind and body for a relaxing result.


Consumption of CBD Concentrates

Cannabinol concentrates and their many forms make consumption easier for the consumer because they can choose what method works best for them and their needs. One of the most common types of consumption of CBD concentrates is through dabbing either with a rig or a pen. This is a preferred method because concentrates work best with this form of consumption.

CBD concentrates can also be consumed through vape pens. It is important to note that CBD vape juice and CBD concentrates are not the same thing. The concentrates will be added into a vape pen differently than a CBD vape juice; however, you can use regular vape juice and a concentrate together to dilute the product.


How to Choose the Best CBD Concentrate?

The type of CBD concentrate that will work best for you will depend on how you plan to use it and what you need it for. There are some general rules of thumb to keep an eye out for while you are in search of the perfect CBD concentrate:

  • Extraction
    The extraction process is the manner in which the cannabinol concentrate is harvested from the hemp or marijuana plant. To ensure a quality and authentic product, check to see how the product was extracted. The best CBD concentrates are extracted using CO2 and not harsh chemicals such as ethanol or hexane.
  • Origin
    Confirm that the concentrate derived from a farm that does not use pesticides or fertilizers on their plants. You want a CBD concentrate that is from a non-GMO plant.
  • Certificate of Analysis
    The certificate of analysis will verify that the product meets regulations and has been tested. CBD concentrates with this certification are of the highest quality.
  • Percentage
    For the most effective and beneficial experience, you want to make sure the concentrate is upwards of 90% CBD. Most concentrates, especially isolates, are about 98%-99% CBD.
  • Reviews
    Read reviews of the product from people and websites to get an idea of how well the product works, its taste, the quantity and other important factors.