How to Find the Best Dabs Tank?

The only thing better than a wax vaporiser is a dabs tank, an atomizer with the power to vape concentrates at very high temperatures. Vaping your wax allows you to enjoy your concentrates without ever having to take on the risks associated with combustion. Effectively, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Five years ago, you may have had to pay upwards of $200 or even $300 for the privileges of vaping wax, but today, you can pop an atomizer tank onto your mod or even your vape pen. Today, all of that can be yours for only about $30-$40. So, sit back and relax. Vape Australia has you covered.

What Are Dabs Tanks?

Dabs tanks take the place of a dab ring, a bowl with a nail that heats up when exposed to a blow torch. Vaping not only eliminates the need for a blow torch, it replaces the entire contraption with a tidy, compact, electronic device.

A dabs tank works much the same way any other tank works. It has a heating element also known as an atomizer, a bowl to hold the concentrates, and a mouthpiece to inhale the vapour. A dabs tank, as opposed to one built for e-liquid, will typically come with a small ceramic bowl rather than a large glass tank. Plus, the structure is slightly different because there is no need for things like juice wells.

A dabs tank has a 510 pin so it can easily connect to any of your standard mods. Rather than purchase a mod specifically designed to vape concentrates, you’re better off purchasing a tank and using the battery you already have. Chances are you invested a good deal of money into your mod, as you rightly should, and so you might as well benefit from your purchase.

How Do I Find the Best Dabs Tanks?

To be fair, there aren’t all that many dabs tanks out there, so you won’t be doing a whole lot of comparisons. However, there are certain criteria you should keep in mind when shopping for your dabs tank.

    1. No Exposed Coils – Your dabs tank might not actually absolve you from guilt. You can still burn your wax with a vaporizer even if it’s electronic. Avoid any tanks that mention they have exposed coils. These tanks might look like atomizers, but if your concentrates come into direct contact with an exposed wire, they will burn.

Glass Tank – A clean glass tank will allow you to monitor the amount of wax you have left in your tank and the number of hits that remain. Plus, you’ll be able to see the vapour as it swirls through the tank before you inhale it.

  1. Heat –Up Time- A dabs tank has to heat up to extremely high temperatures to vape your concentrates, and so you’ll have to wait before inhaling. The better the atomizer, the shorter the ramp-up time.
  2. Convection vs. Conduction – Dabs tanks either use convection or conduction to heat your concentrates. A convection vaporiser heats the air around the concentrates just like a convection oven would where a conduction vaporiser heats the glass or steel surface on which the concentrates rest. A convection vaporiser will heat the wax more evenly, but it will suck up more battery power in the meantime.

Best Sub-Ohm Dabs Tank: MigVapor Black Sub-Herb

MigVapor is relatively new on the vaping scene, but they are constantly releasing innovative, original designs that challenge those of their competitors. The Black Sub-Herb is made of stainless steel and is outfitted with O-rings that are tight enough to insure the tank stays tight and secure flush against the base. With the new plunger, you can throw the tank in your pocket without ever worrying about concentrates spilling out.

You won’t need any more than a mini mod for this tank because you won’t be vaping it at any higher than 27W. The tank vapes best between 25-26W, but if you want really great flavour, you’ll probably want to lower the wattage just a bit.

This black version of the Sub-Herb is even better than its glass predecessor. It performs at least as well if not better than some of its $200 counterparts, but it can be yours for a measly fifty bucks.

Sub-Herb Dry Herb Vape Tank Parts

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Best Vape Pen Dabs Tank: MigVapor Brain Fogger Vape Pen Atomizer

You can pop this dabs tank onto a vape pen. With the power of a sub-ohm tank and the convenience and portability of a cartomizer, this dabs tank is the ideal attachment piece for anyone who wants a good amount of power without having to sacrifice on convenience.

This tank has a particularly unique design. There is no need to add any wicking because there is a square piece sitting directly in the middle of your ceramic bowl. The set-up is not only self-cleaning,

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Best Inexpensive Dabs Tank: MigVapor Green Bullet Wax Atomizer

We know this one is also from MigVapor, but that’s because MigVapor has carved out a niche for itself producing dabs accessories. At only about $10, the Green Bullet Wax Atomizer is a steal. It’s perfect for someone who has been vaping for a while and wants to try their hand at dabbing.

Cute and stealthy, the Green Bullet does, in fact, come with a green glass tube and can screw onto any mod with a standard 510 connection, OVP, or on the Canna Blast battery with a special connector piece. Don’t doubt the power that comes out of this thing though. The expression “a little dab will do you” couldn’t be more true!

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Dabs tanks are relatively new on the market, but the ones that have come out are quite impressive. Simple, elegant, and powerful, these attachment pieces make dabbing easier than ever. If you’ve had your eye on concentrates, we highly recommend you give one of these a try.